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Mutant Mudds


Play as Grandpa

To unlock Grandpa as a playable character, using Grannie, go to the level Ghost 4-4 (top right corner level in the Ghost stages). Once the level starts, climb the first set of pillars and super jump straight up. There is a "prison" there that you need the power shot to open. Once you beat the stage, you can then quit to the file select screen and press L to cycle through to Grandpa.

Contributed By: RivCA.

Play as Grannie

Collect all 2000 Diamonds and 40 Water Sprites in the game. Then on the Title Screen, press the L button to switch to Grannie and start the game. Grannie has all of the available power-ups in the game to use at once.

Contributed By: bigdaddycool213.

The Moon

To unlock the jump pad to access the moon levels, you need to first complete the standard sixteen levels. Once you have completed the sixteen standard levels, Grannie will give you permission to access the moon. Completing the secret levels does not count towards unlocking the moon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all sixteen standard levels.The Moon Levels

Contributed By: Bendilin.

Unlockable Power-Ups

Unlock the following power-ups in Grannie's Attic by collection the specific amount of golden diamonds

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 1200 Golden DiamondsExtended Hover
Collect 800 Golden DiamondsPower-shot
Collect 1600 Golden DiamondsVertical Boost

Contributed By: Bendilin.