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By meeting certain criteria within the game, you can unlock these badges.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Destroy 100 PatrolsBadge
Destroy 100 LocustsBadge
Destroy 100 HuntersBadge
Destroy 100 InterceptorsBadge
Destroy 100 MunchersBadge
Complete Chapter 1Badge
Complete Chapter 2Badge
Complete Chapter 3Badge
Complete Chapter 4Badge
Boostenate into 010 enemiesBadge
Boostenate into 025 enemiesBadge
Boostenate into 050 enemiesBadge
Boostenate into 100 enemiesBadge
Boostenate into 200 enemiesBadge
Detonate 010 enemiesBadge
Detonate 025 enemiesBadge
Detonate 050 enemiesBadge
Detonate 100 enemiesBadge
Detonate 200 enemiesBadge
Reach Vektor Ver. 5.0Badge
Reach Vektor Ver. 10.0Badge
Reach Vektor Ver. 15.0Badge
Reach Vektor Ver. 20.0Badge
Reach Max Vektor, Ver. 25.0Badge
Kill 02 enemies simultaneouslyBadge
Kill 05 enemies simultaneouslyBadge
Kill 10 enemies simultaneouslyBadge
Kill 20 enemies simultaneouslyBadge
Fill 02 cells simultaneouslyBadge
Fill 05 cells simultaneouslyBadge
Fill 10 cells simultaneouslyBadge
Fill 20 cells simultaneouslyBadge
Get 010 starsBadge
Get 025 starsBadge
Get 050 starsBadge
Get 100 starsBadge
Get 150 starsBadge
Unlock Bonus Zone 6Badge
Unlock Bonus Zone 7Badge
Unlock Bonus Zone 8Badge
Unlock Bonus Zone 9Badge

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.