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Unlock all 10 stones

There are 10 available stones to unlock. This list details how to get them. (Information taken from wiki, based on Kilroy84's initial edit and supplemented with my collected data.)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Well 8 with the Matryoshka.Egg
Beat any well with the Bouncy Ball.Iron Ball
Beat Well 3 with the Iron Ball.Jewel
Beat Well 4 in less than 1 minute 10 seconds.Matryoshka
Beat Well 10 with any stone.Mutagen
Beat Well 5 in less than 1 minute 5 seconds.Plate
Beat Well 7 in less than 1 minute 10 seconds.Watermelon
Beat Well 6 in less than 1 minute 5 seconds.Wooden Fish

Contributed By: Juanra1.