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AiRace Speed



By meeting arbitrary conditions within the game, you will achieve these achievements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish one lap with nitro and without crashingAin't Nobody Got Time For Lap
Finish every other achievement and become the supreme champion of AiRace Speed!Air Ace!
Earn 30 achievementsAmazing Job!
Miss the gold star objective on a less by 0.50 seconds or lessBad Luck
Brake for fifteen continuous secondsBetter Safe Than Sorry
Get a gold star after using the break for at least one secondBreak Like A Boss
Win 12 bronze starsBronze Master
Finish one level without touching a wallCan't Touch This
Fly for 5 cumulative hoursCaptain
Crash 500 timesCrash Collector
Crash 1,000 timesCrash Maniac
Finish 3 laps of the same level without crashingCrash Proof
Restart the same level 30 timesCrush
Fly for a total of one hourExperienced Pilot
Finish one 3-lap level with the nitro on without crashingFinger Stuck on Nitro
Fly more than 500 miles (805 kilometers) cumulativelyFlight Addict
Fly for more than 100 miles (161 kilometers) cumulativelyFlight Lover
Fly more than 2,000 miles (3,220 kilometers) cumulativelyFlight Maniac
Fly 15 seconds with the nitro on without crashingFrigate Bird
Win 6 gold starsGold Digger
Complete a level 5 seconds faster than the gold objectiveGold is Not Enough
Achieve ten achievementsGood Job!
Win 12 gold starsGreedy!
Finish 5 levels without touching a wallHaphephobia
Have a continous shield warning for 60 secondsHeart Attack
Fly more than 20 seconds in the wrong directionHipster
Finish all non-endless levels without crashingImmortal
Win every starLegend
Pass 4 stages of any endless levelMarathon
Have your shield at 5% or less before returning it to 100%Miracle
Finish five different levels with the nitro on without crashingNitro Maniac
Complete the same level ten timesObsession
Fly 120 seconds with nitro on without crashingPeregrine Falcon
Get a continuous shield warning across 15 secondsRisky Business
Crash 100 timesSerial Crasher
Win 15 silver starsSilver Master
Crash after completing more than 99% but less than 100% of a levelSo Close...
Fly more than 10 cumulative hoursSuper Captain
Pass 12 stages on an endless levelThe Neverending Story
Finish one lap without crashingTough
Finish 8 stages of an endless levelUltramarathon
Finish 5 non-endless levels without crashingUnbreakable

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.