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Crazy Taxi


Gameplay and Pre-Gameplay Codes

You must have a secondary Standard Controller plugged into Port C with the Rally Wheel or Standard Controller being in Port A to do these codes.

L+R+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loadingExpert Mode
R+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loadingNo Arrows
L+START on Port A when Driver Select screen is loadingNo Destination Marks
START+B on Port C during gameplayPedestrian View
START+X, X, X, X, and X on Port C during gameplaySpedometer
L+R, L+R, L+R, and A on Driver Select screenTaxi Bike

Contributed By: The VG Collector.

Misc. Codes

Press the R button at the character selection screen and then press R a second time and hold it down while you select your cabby.'Another Day' will appear at the bottom-left of the screen. This mode will change a few things in the game, including your starting point and new fare locations.
Press B on the port 3 controller.First-Person mode

Contributed By: CChan and falsehead.


Crazy Bike

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all the Crazy Box challenges.Crazy Bike

Contributed By: Sewer_Rat0.

Easter Eggs

Start at a different location

When selecting your driver, while he/she is talking, press the button that activates your horn, so then there should be text that says another day in the bottom-left corner.

Contributed By: lamixerscolor.