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Dead or Alive 2


Get the arcade intro without a hacked VMU

First make sure your age is set above 20. Then get a high score in Survival mode (does not have to be first place). When you have to enter your name put in ''REALDEMO''. Now you have the real intro to the game.

Contributed By: TripleRaid.


Extra characters (Limited Edition)

Once you unlock these characters, they become avaliable in all the gameplay modes except Story.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Story mode with every characterBayman
Accumulate 6 hours of gameplay and he'll be avaliableTengu

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Unlock Hidden Costumes (Japanese Version)

Beat Story Mode using any character to unlock the next costume, continues don't matter. In Easy Mode, you can only unlock C3, while in Normal Mode you can unlock all costumes.

Contributed By: damien.

Easter Eggs

Girl Art

Place DoA2 into any computer CD Drive, access the disc and look for a folder called : ''Bonus''. There are several shots of the DoA girls in bikini's.

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


3D Character Select

Turn off ''Quick Selector'' in Vs Mode Options

Contributed By: PIW.

Change View of Victory Pose

As your character does its victory pose, hold X and move the Pad or Analog Stick to rotate the view. Press the B button to zoom in.

Contributed By: ATadeo.

Full Screen Pause

During the game, press START to pause. Press the R-Trigger button to get a clean game screen without the text.

Contributed By: ATadeo.

Rewind Your Replay

After you defeat you opponent, quickly press and hold A+Y. Then press X during the replay to rewind it.

Contributed By: BongoGoku.

Stop victory pose camera.

Press the ''R'' trigger when your character is in a victory pose and the camera won't move unless you use the ''change view of the victory pose'' code mentioned above.

Contributed By: krankorx.

Taunt Opponent

While fighting press Left, Right, Left, R button to taunt.

Contributed By: alex cross.

Taunt Opponent (alternate)

Press Down, Down, R to do an alternate taunt. Not all characters have this taunt (Kasumi, for instance, doesn't have it), but some like Hayabusa and Ein do.

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Uncut Demo

On the mode select screen, choose Option. On the Option screen, choose Game Settings and go to Others. Now change your Age to any number higher than 21. Now go back to the mode select screen and pick Survival Mode. Play through this mode until you get onto the top ten ranking list and put your name in as REALDEMO. Now go back to the title screen and wait until the demo starts. You will now see the uncut demo with more scenes.

Contributed By: XPLICIT187.

View Hidden Cut-Scene

Play as Ayane in Story Mode. When you get to the battle with Kasumi you must KO her on the Ice Pit, and she must be about 10 feet away from you. If done correctly, the fireball cut-scene from the Intro Movie should play.

Contributed By: PIW.