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Skies of Arcadia


Supplementary Skies Of Arcadia demo Debug information (Demo)

These codes are to be entered in the first option of the debug menu, in the ''Stage No.'' field:

099eBlack screen (nothing else)
400xJump to beginning of ''laws of the air pirates'' sequence (you have fina, freezes during the fight)
002xJump to beginning of mini quest (after the cg sequences) level 8 all characters, no special items
199gJump to end of airship battle screen
199dJump to end of mini quest screen, all subquests fulfilled
199cJump to end of mini quest screen, no subquests fulfilled
199aJump to end screen for ''laws of the air pirates''
199bJump to end screen for 4 consecutive fights
002zJump to first battle of 4 consecutive battle sequence: level 8 all characters
090aJump to game over screen
199fJump to game over screen (ship crashing)
199eJump to game over screen (vyse down)
403xJump to part five of ''laws of the air pirates''
401xJump to part four of ''laws of the air pirates''
406xJump to part six of ''laws of the air pirates''
404xJump to part three of ''laws of the air pirates''
405xJump to part two of ''laws of the air pirates''
103yJump to sequence before mini quest boss (cg sequence, then boss) level 8 all characters, no special items
103xJump to sequence for final island (boss island) level 8 all characters, no special items
199hJump to ship and big fiery bird screen (not used in the main demo, as far as i know)
399aJump to ship battle sequence (first fight)
500aJump to ship battle sequence (first fight)
518aJump to ship battle sequence (second fight)
202zJump to sunset cg sequence from beginning of mini quest
002yJump to underground pirate hideout (in front of ship) level 8 all characters, no special items

Contributed By: argonreality.

Easter Eggs

Remove Vyse's goggle

During battle, press right, right, left, left, up, down, up, down, right, left to remove Vyse's goggle. It will only be removed for the duration of the battle.

Contributed By: Cuckooguy.


Avoid Random Ship Battles

After you have your ship upgraded to fly very high/low, you can avoid battles on your ship by simply going high above/below the clouds. You may then travel anywhere on the map without battling enemies every 10 seconds.*NOTE: This applies to battle on the Deck of your ship, not Ship to Ship battles.*

Contributed By: Hiro Yuy.

Demo Debug Menu (Official Dreamcast Magazine demo)

At the game select screen, highlight Skies of Arcadia. While holding both triggers down, press start twice - DO NOT let up on the triggers. Let the demo load up while still holding down the triggers. At the seizure warning screen, (still holding triggers) hit start and then the A button two or three times. You can now let up on the triggers. You should now be at a screen that says CESA ROM Aug 8, 2000 10:13:12 and it will have a bunch of japanese text in a menu. Selecting the first set of japanese characters will take you into a screen that has japanese text on the very top, and the word scene followed by the number 103a. You can adjust the numbers by using the triggers and dpad. Left trigger increases the hundreds, right trig decreases the hundreds, with five being the highest available number. Up and down on the dpad adjust the tens and ones values, left right adjusts the letters from a to z.

Contributed By: ruhztee.

Secret Aika FMV sequence

Start a new game and pass the part with Alfonso's ship, then go back to your island. Leave the underground base of Pirate Isle. Aika will say that she needs to freshen up a bit. Go to her house, then face towards the door. Go all the way to the left until you see a clothesline. In that corner you'll see - pasted on the wall of that house corner - a handkerchief. Inspect the handkerchief and you will see a hidden FMV sequence of how Aika looks with her hair down.

Contributed By: PS2 Fusion.