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Jet Grind Radio


Play as any character in Grind Square

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game, then load a new gamePlay as any character in Grind Square

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Unlockable Charcters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Chapter 1Cube/Combo
To unlock Garam simply complete his challenges.Play as Garam
To play as Goji, get a JET ranking on all the Grind City levels.Play as Goji
To unlock Gum simply finish her challenges at the beginging of the game.Play as Gum
Beat the game with a JET ranking in all stages. This includes regular stages as well as Golden Rhino stagesPlay as Love Shockers, Noise Tanks, Poison Jam, and Goji
Beat all the Benten-Cho (aka City of Night) levels with any ranking. After that, Mew will challenge you. Beat the three of her challenges, and she'll join you, allowing you to pick her as playable character.Play as Mew
To play as Poison Jam, get a JET ranking on all of the Kogane-cho levels.Play as Poison Jam
Unlock Gum and complete the challenges Tab gives you afterwards.Tab
To get to play as Pots, finish the game with the Jet ranking on every level. Every level, meaning both story mode and the basic areas.Unlock Pots, the Dog!
Play through the game until Slate challenges you to a race in Kogane-Cho. Beat him to unlock.Unlock Slate
Progress through story mode until he challenges you. Beat his challenge to unlock.Yo-Yo

Contributed By: thotd, Chaos_Control7, WJackson, ruhztee, Saturn Urameshi, Turbo Speed, and ohnoitschris.


Cycle through characters faster

On the character selection screen, if you hold R, you'll be able to cycle through the characters faster.

Contributed By: ohnoitschris.