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Power Stone


Alternate Costumes

Press B at the character selection screen,

Contributed By: freakunique.

Hide Menu While Paused

After pausing the game press X+Y together to get rid of the menu.

Contributed By: DarkIVloon.


Dual Virtual Mode

This option is on page 6, when you complete the game as Valgas. It is like the Virtual Mode, except with a split screen, and two players fighting in first person view.

Contributed By: PIW.

Extra VMU Games

You will open up a new game that can be downloaded onto your VMU whenever you complete the game, the 5th, 6th and 7th time. The games are:

Fokker's Plane Chase
Ayame's Ninja Stars
and Gunrock's Slots

You need a completely empty VMU to download the games.

Contributed By: PIW.

Play as Final Valgas

To play as Final Valgas, unlock Valgas himself first and complete the game on any difficulty without using a continue. After unlocking Valgas for the first time, you can even play as him and do not use a continue where you will see yourself automatically unlock Final Valgas!

Contributed By: CChan.

Play as Kraken

Beat the game once with every character exept Valgas to unlock Kraken in arcade mode and versus mode.

Contributed By: Turbo Speed.

Play as the bosses

Finish the game with each character one time. Finishing the game with any character opens up an extra option in ''The World of Power Stone'' book.

Contributed By: ATadeo.

Unlockable Extras List

This is a list of unlockable characters, items, VMU mini games and virtual mode. Note that VMU games take up almost all of your blocks on your VMU and you can see if you really unlocked the features when you look inside the ''World of Power Stone'' book.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat arcade mode with six charactersUnlock Ayame's Ninja Stars VMU game
Beat arcade mode with a specific character to unlock your character's endingUnlock Character Endings
Beat arcade mode with five charactersUnlock Falcon's Plane Chase VMU game
Beat arcade mode with Valgas (only useable in versus mode and final stage)Unlock Final Valgas
Beat arcade mode with all the starting charactersUnlock Gunrock's Slot's VMU game
Beat arcade mode with all the starting charactersUnlock Kraken
Beat arcade mode with two charactersUnlock Machine Gun Item
Beat arcade mode with one characterUnlock Nyun Boi Item
Beat arcade mode with four charactersUnlock Power Shield
Beat arcade mode with three charactersUnlock Ray Gun Item
Beat arcade mode with KrakenUnlock Valgas and Virtual Mode

Contributed By: Turbo Speed.

Virtual Mode

Complete the game as Kraken, and the Virtual Mode appears on Page 5 of the book. This is a normal one player game with exception of the whole fight being from the first person view.

Contributed By: PIW.

VMU Mini-game Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Accumulate 1000 or more coins in the mini-gamesScrap Book
Accumulate 2000 or more coins in the mini-gamesSound Test

Contributed By: freakunique.

Watch Endings

Each time you finish the game, a new character ending will be added to page 14, and you can watch them at any time.

Contributed By: PIW.

Easter Eggs

Manipulate the Camera

Use A, X, Y, B and the Pad or Analog Stick to zoom in and out, and rotate the camera around the victor.

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.