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Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Hidden Minigame Access

Stand under a waterfall (such as the one at the beginning of the first level) and keep tapping one of the buttons (listed below) to gain access to a minigame. Be aware that this will exit the level you are currently playing.

Keep tapping BUnlocks "Invade" minigame
Keep tapping AUnlocks "Lift" minigame
Keep tapping YUnlocks "Pyram" minigame
Keep tapping XUnlocks "Toile" minigame

Contributed By: RibShark.

Secret Codes

Please do the following:

Before ''Access Denied'' comes up, press A, B, X, Y, X, YBonus Stage w/out 50 lums
Pause the game and Press X+YFull Pause
Press Start, then hold L + R and press B(4) at the title screenGlobox Disc Access multi-player mini-game
Press Down,A,Down,B,A,Y,X,XKaleidoscope Textures
Press Up, X, Y, Down, Y, X, Left, RightRayman VMU Icon

Contributed By: Light the Hedgehog, PIW, and ficean.

Secret passage with hints for other codes

Input the button code in The Tomb of the Ancients, in front of the door of Clark's chamber.

A, B, X, Y, X, YGives access to a secret passage filled with hints for other codes

Contributed By: Mingy Jongo.


Gain Maximum Health

To instantly gain maximum health, while in the game, tap the R button to the rhythm of the main jingle used in the games music.

Contributed By: CChan and RibShark.

Instant 4-player minigame!

If you don't have enough crystals to play the Globox village minigame, you can use a code. When you turn the game on, wait for the screen with Rayman 2 on it. When it says ''press start'', press start and hold L+R. While holding L+R, press B four times before the screen goes all the way down. The Globox Village game should be unlocked on the option menu.

Contributed By: MegaManX_.