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Sonic Shuffle


New Versus Characters

To unlock new characters for Versus Mode, perform the following tasks: (Please note you must have completed the story mode at least once because the photos to unlock extra characters are locked until story mode is beaten a single time.)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Buy the bottom right photo in Tails' section of the album in Sonic roomUnlock Big
Buy the bottom right photo in Knuckles' section of the album in Sonic roomUnlock Chao
Buy the bottom right photo in Amy's section of the album in Sonic roomUnlock Gamma
Buy the bottom right photo in Sonic's section of the album in Sonic roomUnlock Super Sonic

Contributed By: knuckles_sonic8 and JoshuaTheAxew.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win Versus ModeDolls
Buy all the pictures from a character, and a picture in lower left/right cornersVs. Characters

Contributed By: wdg8 and krankorx.

Easter Eggs

Rella Cameo

Just like the Nights easter egg, you set your date. Instead of Christmas Eve, set the date to April Fool's Day (4.1).

Contributed By: AskaLangly.


Get The Laptop

Complete the Game once and it will be in Sonic's room. It allows you to change some configuration settings.

Contributed By: The Winner.

Get the Notebook

Complete the whole game once and head to Sonic Room. You'll see the notebook on the table.

Contributed By: CChan.

Get the Toy Box

Go to the photo album and select ''Another''. Buy the first picture and Lumina will confirm. Now you'll a toy box in Sonic Room. With this you can play the mini games you already played in Story and Versus modes using any character, including a secret one wich wasn't been unlocked yet.

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.


Set your Dreamcast's date to December, 24 of any year. When you play, the character NiGHTS (from the Sega Saturn game with same name) will appear instead of Lumina Flowlight to guide you. However, the voice is still Lumina Flowlight's.

Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Secret Pictures

Put your Sonic Shuffle GD-ROM into your computer CD-ROM drive. Go to the folder for Sonic Shuffle. You can then access pictures of characters from Sonic Shuffle, just like Sonic Adventure. There will be pictures of Lumina, Void, and enemies that you fight on the board.

Contributed By: Omega_.