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AeroWings 2: Air Strike



Unlock EverythingAt the title screen, press L and R at the same time. If you did it right, a voice will say ''Ok good.'' From here, begin a new game and you'll now have access to every single one of the stages and all of the aircraft. You'll also have a perfect score of 1
Unlock all Planes and MissionsWhen you are at the Game Select Screen, hold L and press Y and X at the same time.

Contributed By: matt91486 and Retro.


Special Options

Start a new game from the title screen and then enter ''TASCAS'' as your name. A new place entitled ''Special'' will appear in the ''Game Config'' menu under the ''Options'' menu.

From the Options menu, you can choose from three different options: Player Assist, HUD, and Cockpit. You'll be able to toggle any of them on or off at any time.

Contributed By: Retro.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the mission Fighter Pilot 5 and you will unlock Aircraft T-4.
Aircraft T-4
Complete all Fighter Pilot Missions with a score of 90/100.
Black F-14A Testbed
Complete Tactical Challenge 7F-1
Complete Tactical Challenge 5F-104J
Beat Fighter Pilot 30F-15 J
Successfully kill 50 opponents in the gameF-15DJ
Successfully land nine or more carriers in either carrier free flight missionF-18 Aggressor Fighter
Complete Tactical Challenge 6F-4J
Beat all fighter missions and tactical challengesFree flight missions 20 and 21
Complete Tactical Challenge 8Gray F-4EJ
Beat Fighter Pilot training missions 1-5 with 100%Green T-3
Beat Fighter Pilot 20Silver F-4EJ
Beat Fighter Pilot 13T-2
Succesfully kill 100 opponents in the gameT-3 Fighter

Contributed By: Tlight, CChan, nickel 56k, OmniMirror, and starkroid.