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Ooga Booga


Code Menu Password

Enter these codes in code section of the options menu.

iminfranceOpen All Tribal Trial Missions
kaboomUnlike Mine Spell
ahousedividedUnlock Abe
aviaryUnlock Bird
porkchopUnlock Boar
trickshotUnlock Boarpolo
salmonmouseUnlock Death
dothehustleUnlock Disco Dude
heightchallengedUnlock Dwarf
igotnoskillzUnlock Everything Except Meteor Spell
strikeamatchUnlock Fireball
dodgethisUnlock Homing Head
blarneystoneUnlock Leprechaun
icheatUnlock Level 2 Masks
thereforeiamUnlock Level 3 Masks
soveryveryUnlock Level 4 Masks
weakandsadUnlock Level 5 Masks
kilowattsUnlock Lightning Bolt
stormyweatherUnlock Lightning Cloud
warezwrongUnlock Pirate
saddleupUnlock Rodeo
secretidentityUnlock Superguy
idolatryUnlock Tikis
blowhardUnlock Tornado
strengthnoView Tribal Trial Completion Sequence

Contributed By: Pirates_Keg and OogaBooby.


Unlock More Masks Without Codes

Play a game in all three modes (Boar Polo, Smakahuna, and Rodeo) in Offline Skirmish to unlock Level 2 Masks.

Play Online in any mode enough times to unlock the other masks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play All Three Offline ModesLevel 2 Masks
Win in Three Online BattlesLevel 3 Masks
Win in Nine Online BattlesLevel 4 Masks
Win in Fifteen Online BattlesLevel 5 Masks

Contributed By: HumanHead.

Easter Eggs

Control Victory Stance

At the Victory and Game Ranking Screens, the winner of the round and leader of the match will appear on the screen. If you're one of them, you can control your victory stance/taunt by pressing any of the face buttons [(A), (B), (X), and (Y)].

Contributed By: NTsui.