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Atari Anniversary Edition

Asteroids Cheats



To become invincible, fly your ship to the bottom-right area of the screen behind the score board. If you stay behind the score-board, you will never get hit and be able to shoot at enemies.

Contributed By: Interrobang.

Crystal Castles Cheats


Warp to level 5

In level 3, Hidden Ramp stage, get the hat and then go to the back corner of the hidden ramp & jump before the hat wears off. You will warp to level 5.

Contributed By: Bob_Jowler.

Easter Eggs

See the Designer's credit

In Level 5, get the hat and enter the door where Berthilda the witch is flying around. Destroy her and then go over to the corner where she was, and jump. The initials FXL will come up at the lower-right part of the screen. Those are the initials of one of Crystal Castles's designers, Franz Lanziger.

Contributed By: Retro.

See the word ATARI

Jump one hundred or more times in the front corner of the very first level. Losing a life doesn't break up your number of jumps. Now, clear the whole level of the gems and at the beginning of Level 2, a banner that says ''ATARI'' will appear.

Contributed By: Retro.


Secret Warp

In Level 5, go to the upper-left corner of the maze and jump. You'll be instantly transported to Level 7.

Contributed By: Retro.

Warp to Level 3

In the very first level of the game, go to the upper-right corner and jump. You'll be warped to Level 3.

Contributed By: Retro.