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Codes Menu Passwords

From the main screen choose codes. Once on the codes menu, enter the desired code.

Aynaga"I am Seaman" player
Arnold"It's a library thing" player
Dobson"The Doctor is in" player
Marrinson"We're screwed" player
Stricker"Yo" player
betheballBe the Ball
heliumbrainBig Head Mode
radicalCool looks
tvirusEasily Fatigued Players
alienbrainFreaky Player Mode
vcHidden Teams
sohappyPlayers Taunt After Goals
SartorialReset cheats
Not so happySigh Mode
the70sliveThe 70's Game Mode
The Cure!The Cure
whatamisayingWeird Commentary

Contributed By: MATT GRAM, Starky27, Mike Truitt, and JChamberlin.