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Kirby: Canvas Curse


Jump Game

To unlock the jump game next to the options button on the main screen, beat the game with all five characters. Select the game file and a message will pop up. You can now play the Jump Game without beating a level.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game with all five characters.Jump Game

Contributed By: Kirbyguy99.

Medal Swap Unlockables

You need to get the appropriate amount of medals before you can unlock these in medal swap. Some of these cannot be unlocked until you meet certain requirements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Six MedalsBead Line
Nine Medals eachCourse 1-4
Ten Medals eachCourse 5-8
Twenty MedalsKing Dedede
Fourteen MedalsLife Boost
Twelve MedalsLife Boost
Seven MedalsLife Boost
Twenty-Five MedalsMeta Knight
Three MedalsSong One
Three MedalsSong Three
Three MedalsSong Two
Six MedalsTropic Line
Six MedalsZebra Line

Contributed By: BM124.

New characters to play in regular game and time trial/ink trial mode.

To unlock the first new character, Waddle Dee, beat the game once. He is exactly the same as Kirby except for the fact that he has four life, is a bit lighter, and cannot obtain powers.

The second new character, King Dee Dee Dee, is purchasable for 20 medals once you get Waddle Dee. He is large, strong, heavy, sinks in water, wind has less of an affect on him, has 7 life, and swings his hammer when you touch him. If you hold the stylus on him, he will continue to swing his hammer. He cannot get powers either.

The third new character is Metaknight. He is purchasable for 25 medals once you get King Dee Dee. He is almost twice as fast as Kirby and cannot get powers, but he only has 3 life.

The fourth character, Waddle Doo, (the kind with Beam ability), is available only once you beat the entire game with all four of the other characters. He has 5 health, is Kirby’s weight, and has a perpetual Beam ability, touch him to use it. If you hold your stylus on him, the beam will continuously spin around him.

The game will keep track of what stages you beat with each character, and you will be awarded medals for beating the game with each character.

Contributed By: alucard8387.

Nightmare In Dreamland music

Once you get 200 medals, this will be unlockable for 50 medals at the way bottum of medal swap

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Purcchase for 50 medals once you reach 200 medalsNightmare in Dreamland Music

Contributed By: 1337thingy.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat level 2 of Block Attack in Boss Games.Block Attack in Subgames
Beat level 2 of Cart Run in Boss Games.Cart Run in Subgames
Beat level 2 of Paint Panic in Boss Games.Paint Panic in Subgames

Contributed By: jakestar0306.

Unlock Sound Test Tracks 24 and 40-44

To unlock these six tracks of the end music, you have to beat the level World of Drawcia for the first time with Kirby. When you start up your file again, the new tracks are already added to the sound test.
They are:
24 - The World of Drawcia
40 - Drawcia Demo
41 - Dracia Sorceress
42 - Drawcia Soul
43 - Ending Cinema
44 - Credits

Contributed By: Ultimate Videogamer.

Easter Eggs

Alternate title Screen

When you beat the game 100%, when you load up the title screen it will be blue instead of the normal white.

Contributed By: Y2JosHBKs_Edge.


Easily unlock Nightmare In Dreamland music

Rather than buying it for fifty medals after acquiring 200 allready, simply insert a Nightmare In Dreamland or Amazing Mirror gamepack into the GBA slot. What to spend those last fifty medals on? I have no idea.

Contributed By: AaroNinja.

Easy Unlock Waddle Doo

Normally, you would have to unlock Waddle Doo by beating the game with the other four balls. However, if you own a copy of Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland or Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, place it in the GBA slot of your DS when you beat the game. The next file you load will have Waddle Doo unlocked.

Contributed By: DeoxysHunter.

Recharge paint supply in midair

When you pick up a powerup that lets Kirby hover, such as Beam or Spark, hold Kirby in midair by pressing him with the stylus. He will hover until the stylus is removed, and the paint supply recharges while he hovers. This is useful for when Kirby is too high in the air to recharge normally.

Contributed By: Ephidel.