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Super Princess Peach


Toad Minigame

On the Prees Start screen, hold R and press START.

Contributed By: metal_yoshi_64.


Dash Attack Kassa (Dashbrella)

To unlock this move, you have to beat the game once. It allows you to attack while Peach is Dashing (hence the name). Press 'B' or 'Y' to use this while moving.

Contributed By: therealssjlink.

Endless Fever

To unlock endless fever, you must complete ALL of the levels in the game TWICE. Your Music History and Puzzles should be complete and you should have beaten all of the Mini-games (You don't need to find all of the enemies to get it). After you have the above completed, go to the shop. It will be the last item for you to buy, but it doesn't cost anything. Endless Fever prevents your emotion meter from ever draining. If you want to turn it off, you need to go the the menu and go to extras to turn it off.

Contributed By: therealssjlink.

Level 8-6

In order to unlock this level you need to get all the Toads available in each area.

Contributed By: Mykas0.

Easter Eggs

Title Screen Variations

If you play the game in daytime (in relation to your DS's internal clock), the title screen will be displayed with a daytime theme; whereas if you play it at night, everything on the title screen will be dark, and Peach will be asleep on a cloud!

Contributed By: Bobsacle.