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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe



Enter all codes on the opening menu.

A, X, Y, B, Up, Up, Up, DownAcquire Armor
Left, Up, A, B, Right, Down, X, YAll Blessings.
A, Left, Right, B, Down, Up, X(2)All skills at maximum.
Up, X, Up, X, Down, B, Down, BExtra money.
A, Y, X, B, Up, Up, Down, DownInvincibility
Left, B, Up, Y, Down, X, Right, AMaximum attributes.
Left, Right, Up, Down, A(4)Restore health.
A, Up, B, Down, X(2), Y(2)Stronger attacks.

Contributed By: Winged_Elf and Llamaman2.