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Age of Empires: The Age of Kings


Unlockable Maps

This is a list of all the unlockable maps. You can unlock these for use in Empire Map mode by buying them with your empire points in "Bonus Items."

UnlockableHow to Unlock
250 empire pointsAgincourt
200 empire pointsArchipelago Large
300 empire pointsAsia Major
100 empire pointsBridges Large
150 empire pointsCastles
100 empire pointsFrance
250 empire pointsHannibal's Crossing
250 empire pointsHastings
250 empire pointsKhyber Pass
300 empire pointsKing of the Mountain
150 empire pointsOutremer
250 empire pointsSkirmish- Desert
250 empire pointsSkirmish- Plains
150 empire pointsSwamplands
100 empire pointsValley

Contributed By: EagleRebirth.

Unlockable units

Here are all of the unlockable units. You use empire points that you earn in matches to purchase them. To purchase them, just go to "bonus items" in the main menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
150 empire pointsDark Ram
100 empire pointsDopple- handers
100 empire pointsGenoese Crossbowmen
200 empire pointsKnights of the Round Table
150 empire pointsMons Meg
100 empire pointsSwiss Pikemen
150 empire pointsWar Wolf
100 empire pointsWelsh Bowmen

Contributed By: BillytheKilly.