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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon


Dungeon Passes

How to acquire a pass for each dungeon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Till 100 squares on your farmCarmite Cave
Defeat the Golum in the Kasmir RuinsDannan Cave
Defeat the Battle Tank in the Dannan CaveGreed Cave
Till 100 squares in the Misty Bloom Cave and defeat the SirenKasmir Ruins
Till 100 squares in Mt. Gigant and defeat the DragonMisty Bloom Cave
Rescue Cecilia in Clemens cave and defeat the Rafflesia(the Plant)Mt. Gigant
Till 50 squares in the Carmite Cave and defeat the Greater DaemonToros Cave

Contributed By: Kratos_Arrion.

Farming Tools

This is to help those who does not know how to get most of the tools in the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Talk to Bianca (Girl in the right mansion in the third part of the town) after the second day.Axe (boro no ono)
Turn right at the first part of the town, descend the stairs and run to the end of the port. Sara will get you the rod for fishing.Fishing Rod (boro no sao)
After you have plowed the 50th soil in a cave, talk to Leo (Blacksmith in the second store of the right in the first part of the town).Hammer (boro no hanma)
Talk to Rosetta (Girl in the store with a sprout) after you have plowed enough soil in the farm.Scythe (boro no kama)

Contributed By: Halogram.