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Bionicle Heroes


Extra World

Be Able to play in Makuta's Domain

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 6 Inika MasksMakuta's Domain

Contributed By: thegiz.


Unlockables in the game that are for your entertainment

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Runes: P-I-R-A-K-A and 30,000 LEGO PiecesAnimal Farm
Runes: I-R-N-A-K-K and 20,000 LEGO PiecesBig Head
Runes: V-E-Z-O-K and 10,000 LEGO PiecesCrazy Colors
Runes: T-H-O-K and 15,000 LEGO PiecesDisco Craze
Runes: M-A-K-U-T-A and 60,000 LEGO PiecesHuman Voice
Runes: H-A-K-A-N-N and 200,000 LEGO PiecesInvincibility
Runes: V-O-Y-A-N-U-I and 5,000 LEGO PiecesMakuta Mode
Runes: R-E-I-D-A-K and 150,000 LEGO PiecesOne Hit Deafeat
Runes: I-N-I-K-A and 30,000 LEGO PiecesPiraka Party
Runes: Z-A-K-T-A-N and 10,000 LEGO PiecesSilhouettes
RunesM-A-T-A-N-U-I and 20,000 LEGO PiecesTiny Enemies
Runes: A-V-A-K and 100,000 LEGO PiecesUnlimited Ammo

Contributed By: thegiz.


3rd Person View

To do this you go to the extras screen & you then hit extra again and the press L R START SELECT YXYXBABA and when you start a level you will be in 3rd person

Contributed By: WillFrye22.