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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


Item Duplication Through Ad-hoc

To do this trick, connect your DQIX to someone else. Give them any items you can, then shut your game off WITHOUT leaving their world. since you never saved after leaving their world, you'll still have the items you traded, and so will they!

Contributed By: SeraphinEveles.

Money Exploit

At the Stornway Inn Party Editor you can recruit multiple party characters (Warriors work best for this), and then part with them. This gives you their starting gear free and clear for you to sell at the local shop giving you some easy cash early in the game.

Contributed By: Azrielnagol.


Mini Medal Rewards

While playing the game you will find numerous items called Mini Medals. In the town of Dourbridge, you can give these to a pirate king who lives there, and he will give you rare items in exchange. After you've given him 80 Mini Medals, he will sell you rare items. But you must use Mini Medals to buy them instead of Gold. 3 Medals: Prayer Ring 5 Medals: Elfin Elixir 8 Medals: Saint's Ashes 10 Medals: Reset Stone 15 Medals: Orihalcum 20 Medals: Pixie Boots

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reward for giving 13 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Bunny Suit
Reward for giving 80 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Dragon Robe
Reward for giving 18 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Jolly Roger Jumper
Reward for giving 08 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Mercury Bandanna
Reward for giving 50 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Meteorite Bracer
Reward for giving 32 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Miracle Sword
Reward for giving 62 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Rusty Helmet
Reward for giving 40 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Sacred Armor
Reward for giving 04 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Thief's Key
Reward for giving 25 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.Transparent Tights

Contributed By: MegaMario1000.


Secret shop in Dourbridge

If you go around to the back of the village shop in Dourbridge, there is a hidden door. Enter it (requires the Ultimate Key), and then you see a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs, and you can get into a secret shop with rare items.

Contributed By: MilesPrower01.