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Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century


Secret codes

Enter these codes during a level, the best spot is usually the beginning of the level, these codes can be fond out by obtaining all 5 stars at the end of the level and the camera and marshmallow codes can be put in, infinitely. Also, you must these codes in fast because doing it slow will not work.

Down, Up, Right, Right, and Select and B at the same time.A camera
Down, Down, Left, Left, and Select and A at the same time.A marshmallow
B, B, Select and X at the same time, A and R at the same time, and Select.Full Health Restore
A, A, Select and A at the same time, Down, Down, and Down.Halfway Health Restore
Down, Down, Left, Right, and Select and X at the same time.Halfway Special Attack Gauge
Select and A at the same time, Up, Select and R at the sametime, Down, and Up.Invincibility

Contributed By: trickster2599.