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Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day


Daily training unlockables

Earn stamps by playing through one of the recommended training activities every day.
Stamps will unlock the following bonuses up to a certain point, after which you'll just unlock hard modes for all the activities you haven't already done so for.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 7 stamps'C' Count
Get 4 stampsBasketball
Get 5 stampsCircle Spot
Get 1 stampCustom Training mode
Get 14 stampsEye Knowledge mode
Get 9 stampsFast Match
Get 10 stampsFootball
Get 3 stampsLetter Count
Get 11 stampsNumber Tap
Get 13 stampsRecord Challenge mode
Get 8 stampsSoccer
Get 12 stampsStamp Design no.5
Get 15 stampsStamp Design no.6
Get 23 stampsStamp Design no.7
Get 2 stampsTable Tennis
Get 6 stampsVolleyball

Contributed By: Arkrex and CheGa.

Hard modes

Attain the highest ranking for an activity to unlock its hard mode.
Core games require an "Advanced" (80%) and sports games need a "Pro" (90%).
Alternatively, you can unlock the hard modes by earning stamps after all the activities have been unlocked.

Contributed By: Arkrex.

Easter Eggs

Special messages

Play the game on various celebration days (Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, Birthday etc.) to receive a warm welcome when you begin.

Contributed By: Arkrex.