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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


Boss Medals

During a boss fight you can get a medal if you do not get hit once. After the fight a treasure chest will appear from the ground to present you with the medal. Each boss in the game has their own medal which can only be gotten during that boss fight.

Contributed By: Mortal Pixel.

Connection Goodies

Must have Order of Ecclesia and Judgement games and respective consoles. Select connect to Wii or DS and follow the prompts. Upon completion, both Judgement and OOE extras.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Connect to JudgementCourses 1,2,3
Connect to JudgementIncreased Level Cap
Connect to JudgementPractice Mode
Connect to JudgementQueen of Hearts
Connect to JudgementRecord
Connect to JudgementRoyal Crown
Connect to JudgementWireless Race

Contributed By: Junseikei.

New Game+

Restart the game with all your equipment, current level and money

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After finishing the game go to your file and press right to access the clear sign and start a new game+New Game+

Contributed By: PZSFirebird.

Queen Of Hearts

Beat hard mode in any capped level to unlock the item Queen Of Hearts. It will reduce half of what a union usually cost!

Contributed By: OMGweee.

Unlock Modes

So you can unlock all the new Modes!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Game after saving all villagersAlbus Mode
Complete the Game after saving all villagersBoss Rush Mode
Beat the game once.Hard Difficulty
Complete Hard Mode Level 1 OR Connect To Castlevania: JudgementHard Mode Level 255
Complete the Game after saving all villagersSound Mode

Contributed By: Lexerias, sephirosuy, and tashaga_kaoe.