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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing


Unlockable Characters

Spent SEGA Miles to Unlock Following Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
80,000 SEGA MilesAlex Kidd
80,000 SEGA MilesB.D. Joe
60,000 SEGA MilesBeat
40,000 SEGA MilesBig the Cat
100,000 SEGA MilesChuih
60,000 SEGA MilesJacky Bryant
40,000 SEGA MilesKnuckles the Echidna
100,000 SEGA MilesMobo
100,000 SEGA MilesOpa-Opa
80,000 SEGA MilesRyo Hazuki
60,000 SEGA MilesUlala
40,000 SEGA MilesZobio

Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.

Unlockable Tracks

Spent SEGA Miles to Unlock Following Tracks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
30,000 SEGA MilesBingo Party
30,000 SEGA MilesDark Arsenal
80,000 SEGA MilesDeadly Route
90,000 SEGA MilesHighway Zero
60,000 SEGA MilesJump Parade
60,000 SEGA MilesLava Lair
10,000 SEGA MilesLost Palace
50,000 SEGA MilesMonkey Target
20,000 SEGA MilesOcean Ruin
20,000 SEGA MilesPinball Highway
50,000 SEGA MilesRampart Road
80,000 SEGA MilesRokkaku Hill
40,000 SEGA MilesSandy Drifts
70,000 SEGA MilesSewer Scrapes
70,000 SEGA MilesSun Fair
40,000 SEGA MilesThunder Deck

Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.


Turbo Boost at Start of Race

For a quick turbo boost at the start of a race, Wait until just after the number 2 in the countdown disappears, then hold A (right as the 3rd tone in the countdown plays). If done right, you will receive a turbo boost as soon as the race starts.

Contributed By: Psychotic Jester.