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End Game Unlockables

Your final end-of-game evaluation based on what you did in the game will determine what you get once you beat the game. If you did not unlock a particular item but fulfill its conditions on New Game Plus, you will instantly gain that reward when you check its associated tome after completion.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the gameDark Sun (Dark Chibi)
Complete the MasterpiecesFirst Sunrise (Chibi Shiranui)
Beat the gameKarmic Returner (Original Amaterasu)
Complete the Treasure TomeMoon's Legacy (Made of Ice)
Complete the BestiaryPainter's Legend (Ishaku's armor)

Contributed By: xXMrGamerXx and PikaKirby.

New Game Plus

Complete the story, save your game when prompted, and select Continue on the title screen to begin a new game with all the health and ink pots earned in the previous save, as well as bonus items you might have earned.

Contributed By: SapphireWarg.