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Bakugan: Defenders of the Core


Unlock Codes

Bottom option, under "Collection" menu is "Unlock Codes". Firt you have to enter an 8-digit verification code, then you can enter up to 8 10-digit unlock codes.

QY8CLD5NJE10 Vexos Passes
YQLHBBSMDC10,000 Core Energy
E5AXCC391000000000 core energy
JJUZDEACXXEarthen Armor Ability Card
YJ7RGG7WGZFire Spirit Ability Card
2FKRRMNCDQTornado Vortex Ability Card
HXV6Y7BFVerification Code
HUUH8ST7ARWater Pillar Ability Card
82D77YK6P8Zorch Thunder Ability Card

Contributed By: Kheldre and Dragonidas.


Maxus Helios

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all six bakugan traps of Maxus Helios to unlock him as a character.Maxus Helios

Contributed By: Ren7.