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Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land


Prevent yourself from losing a life

As you progress through a level, if you manage to be killed by an enemy, Wario will move up in the air and then leave the screen. If you pause the screen while Wario moves up in the air, and turn off the game and subsequently restart it, you will be on the same level without a loss of a life.

Contributed By: XCommander.

Easter Eggs

Six different endings

When you beat the game, the ending depends on how many coins you collected in total. Wario will live in these places, depending on the coin total. Birdhouse - 300-10,071 coins Tree trunk - 10,072-40,007 coins Log cabin - 40,008-70,007 coins Pagoda - 70,008-90,007 coins Castle - 90,008-99,998 coins Planet - 99,999+ coins

Contributed By: SnakeWithSword.


Debug menu

During gameplay, pause, and press SELECT 16 times - no more, no less. Press B and press left or right to move to a different digit area. Press up or down to adjust the number of hearts, coins, and lives you have.

After doing the debug menu cheat above, press and hold A and B and select the picture of Wario all the way to the left and unpause. You will now change:
Small Wario --> Big Wario --> Bull Wario -->Jet Wario -->Dragon Wario --> Small Wario

Contributed By: GValko.