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Castlevania: The Adventure


Extra Life in level 1

In the first level, do not hit the first candle. Now when you come to the 11th candle, hit it to reveal a 1-Up.

Contributed By: supremeragnorak.

Keep playing after the credits roll.

Much like other Castlevania games, you can keep on playing with harder difficulties after the credits roll. Once 'The End' appears on the screen, simply wait for a minute or two and the game will start you off at 'stage 05' which is really the first stage with advanced difficulty.

Contributed By: A Man in Flames.

Area/Level Hints

Secret Room In Stage 1

You must climb the ropes to get through the level. The second to last rope, on the right hand side of the screen, leads to a platform with a tree stump and two graves with crosses visible. If you climb up this rope, you can continue through the brick wall at the top. This leads to a hidden room with four power-ups.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Secret Room In Stage 2

In the second part of the stage, where you have to choose between between ropes, go right and then left. You will enter a room where you go down stairs and giant eyeballs speed towards you. Kill an eyeball while it's on the middle step. Once done, a hole will open up. Climb down it for power-ups.

Contributed By: freakunique.