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Madden NFL 2002


Unlock Infinte Create-A-Player Points

To unlock just complete the specific method

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Create a player then go to Edit Player and select the Speed Catagory. Select attributes and you will have 99 points maximum in each CatagoryInfinite Creat-A-Player Points

Contributed By: Yo-Niel.


Happy New Year commentary

Change your system date to January 1st to hear James Brown say "Happy New Year!"

Contributed By: Mikey812.

Season's Greetings!

While the GameCube clock is set to Christmas you will hear Pat Summerall say ''Season's Greetings'' when you begin an exhibition.

Contributed By: Usul.

Thanksgiving Commentary

Set your GameCube clock to Thanksgiving and John Madden will talk about it during his commentary.

Contributed By: Usul.