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SSX Tricky


Cheat Codes

To activate these codes, you must enter them at the title screen. After you enter them, you will hear a sound effect:

Hold L & R and press B B Z B B Z A A Z A A Zmax out stats for every character
Hold L+R and Press A,A,Left,A,A,Down A,A,Right,A,A,UpPlay As DJ
Hold L & R and press A A Z X X Z B B Z Y Y Z. Then select Eliseunlock alternate Elise suit (Mallora)
Hold L & R and press A B Z X Y Z B Y Z X A Zunlock every course, rider, and board
Hold L & R and press A A Z A A Z A A Z A A Z. Then select Macunlock Mix Master Mike

Contributed By: NickelbackMan and tjking131.



Follow the methods listed below for the desired unlockable:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock a character's Über Board, fully complete that character's trick chapter and the board shall appear last at the board selection screen.Über Boards
Complete all chapters in your trick book to earn alternate costumes. To unlock the final chrome costume, complete world circuit mode with a ''Master'' rankAlternate Costumes
Earn 1 Gold Medal in World CircuitBrodi
Earn 3 Gold Medals in World CircuitJP
Earn 4 Gold Medals in World CircuitKaori
Earn 8 Gold Medals in World CircuitLuther
Earn 5 Gold Medals in World CircuitMarisol
get any medal in all courses in SHOWOFF modePipedream
Earn 6 Gold Medals in World CircuitPsymon
Earn 7 Gold Medals in World CircuitSeeiah
get any medal in all courses in RACE modeUntracked
In order to view the ''Rank Up'' video anytime obtain Master Rank, go to the character's profile, go to the WC Status, and press A.View Rank Up Video anytime
Earn 2 Gold Medals in World CircuitZoe

Contributed By: Rodri316, electrix, AlphaX, hand of g0d, and BongoGoku.