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SoulCalibur II



In the pal version of the game, choose 60Hz option, then, when the "data loaded" screen appears quickly reset your sistem and then choose the 50Hz option.
Game will now run superfast.

Contributed By: Spada.


Soul Edges, Legendary and Joke Weapons

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chapter 4, Stage 3 (Must be over level 72)Joke Weapons
Subchapter 4, Stage 4Legendary Weapons
Chapter 9, Stage 4Soul Edges

Contributed By: Omega_Slash.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete every all Weapon Master mode missionsAlternate Opening Screen
Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 3-Stage 2Assassin
Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 1, Extra MissionBeserker
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3Cervantes
Beat Arcade Mode with a CharacterCharacter Profile
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3 Stage 1Charade
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 8, Stage 5Egyptian Crypt
Beat Arcade Mode onceExtra Arcade Mode
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 1Extra Practice Mode
Complete Subchapter 4, Stage 3Extra Survival Mode (Death Match Mode)
Complete Extra Chapter 2, Stage 2Extra Survival Mode (Extreme Mode)
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 5Extra Survival Mode (Standard Mode)
Defeat Team Battle modeExtra Team Battle Mode
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 9 Mission 4Extra Time Attack (Alternative)
Complete Extra Chapter 1, Stage 1Extra Time Attack (Extreme)
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 5, Stage 1Extra Time Attack (Standard)
Beat Extra Arcade onceExtra Versus Mode
Beat Extra Team Battle once with any settingExtra Versus Team Battle
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3Extra Weapon Master Missions
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 7, Stage 2Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 6Labyrinth
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 3Lakeside Coliseum Stage
Beat every stage in Weapon Master, including extra missionsLizardman
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4, Stage 1Money Pit/Top Tier
Beat Extra Time Attack (Extreme) mode. Or play it 5 times.Opening (Arcade Version)
Beat Extra Survival Mode (No Recovery) or play it 5 times.Opening (Home Version)
Unlock all Secrets listed under Collection HistorySecond Alternate Title Screen
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 3Seung Mina
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4Sophitia
In Weapon Master mode, gain 320,000 experience to reach Iron Edgemaster. Then beat Chapter 4-3.Subchapter 2
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 ExtraWeapon Master ending movie
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3Weapon Master opening movie
Beat Weapon Master Chapter 2Yoshimitsu

Contributed By: jeevan3, Renehbk, meleeman13, Giga Ganon, CAHowell, The WiLL, mountaindud, and ReyVGM.


Alternate Default Name at Name Entry

At the name entry screen enter your name as all A s to have it change to your character's default name. This is quicker than the SAKURA_AKA method.

Contributed By: Genii Lodus.

Arcade Mode Quotes

In Weapon Master mode, before a battle, hold the control stick in a certain direction. The character would say different quotes from the Arcade mode.

Contributed By: supersonic479.

Character Dialogue Before Fight

When you have selected your character to fight with (in any mode where it shows the 2 combatants face to face) and the loading scene appears, press any button for your character to say something. You can only do this once per load.

Contributed By: pacokorn77.

Choose Victory Pose

Before the your character does his/her victory pose after a battle, press and hold a button to do a certain victory pose assigned to each button.

Contributed By: GekigangarV.

Fastest way to bypass name-entry screen.

Press START whenever it asks you for your name. It will automatically enter the character's name (I.E. Taki, Mitsurugui). This is faster than the "AAAAAAAAAA" method and the "SAKURA_AKA" method.

Contributed By: DethFromAbove.

Secret Name Entry for Default Characters' Names

Type in ''SAKURA_AKA'' for your Name Entry in Arcade mode when you finished the game. This will cancel your Name as ''Sakura_Aka'' and changed to the default names of the character you selected.

Example: Type in SAKURA_AKA when using Seung Mina, and your name will automatically changed back to Seung Mina instead.

Contributed By: Leifang2000.

Sophitia's different quotes

Some of Sophitia's in-battle quotes change, depending on the gender of her opponent. After performing one of her throws, she'll say, "How's that?!" to the male fighters, whereas she'll ask "Are you okay?" to the female fighters.

Contributed By: discoinferno84.