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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear arcade mode 15 timesBeast Mode
Beat arcade mode five times to unlock this.Big Arms Mode
Beat Arcade mode 4 times to unlock big head mode.Big Head Mode
Complete Arcade Mode two times to unlock the Com Battle.Com Battle
Beat the game twice where Cronos is the end boss to unlock the strange Cronos the Phoenix character.Cronos the Phoenix
Complete Arcade Mode eight times to unlock the cheat ''Change Boundaries - Final Round'' (walls are breakable only in the final round).Final Round (breakable walls)
Beat the game one time to unlock the powerful Ganesha the Elephant character. <BR>Ganesha the Elephant
Clear arcade mode 14 timesHuman Mode
Clear arcade mode 16 timesHyperbeast Mode
To unlock kid mode(Super Deformed), beat the game 3 times.Kid Mode
Complete Arcade Mode thirteen times to unlock the cheat ''Knock Down Battle'' (every hit knocks your opponent away).Knock Down Battle
Beat the Arcade Mode 12 times to unlock it.Max Difficulty
Beat the game onceMovie Player
To unlock this challenging mode, beat Arcade Mode 11 times.No Blocking Mode
Complete Arcade Mode six times to unlock the cheat ''Change Boundaries - No Walls''.No Walls
To play as Kohryu, play arcade mode without losing a ROUND (not a match, a round), untill you fight against Kohryu (5th match). Continue to beat arcade mode and he will be unlocked.Play as Kohryu
To slow things down, choose this option in the Cheats menu after beating the arcade mode 9 times.Slow Motion
To increase the speed while fighting, choose this option in the Cheats menu after beating the arcade mode 10 times.Speed things up
Complete Arcade mode 5 times to unlock "Super Buff"Super Buff Mode (DK)
Beat at least 16 characters in survival mode. The 16th opponent should be Uranus in the chaos lab stage. Defeat her and both will be available.Uranus and the Chaos Lab Stage
Beat arcade mode seven times to unlock ''weak walls'' in the cheat menu.Weak Walls

Contributed By: Bakuryu the Mole, Skyrax, Mj22089, mEPhiStO66, JonathanLeung, Dogg, Kim Jae Hoon, ATadeo, DeMetto, white_worm, ShurikenOfLight, and The Plot Twist.


Hidden arena

In the Aquarium arena, there is a secret section. Break the walls were there is a hole. Send you opponent in the hole without killing him/her. You will access a secret part of the arena.

Contributed By: orez666.