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Skies of Arcadia Legends


Special Swashbuckler ranks!

Whenever you are at the rank of King of Rouges, you can begin qualifying for a special Swashbuckler rank. They all require certain things, and when you meet a requirment for a special rank, you MUST level up your current Swashbuckler rank into it, it does NOT happen automatically. These ranks are not only for show, but also a requirement for the Three Secrets. Also, if you have more than one special rank qualifed, it will randomly choose a rank to become when you level it up. That is unless your qualified for Vyse the Legend, then it will become that.

Note: In case you didn't read, having a special rank is REQUIRED to unlock the Three Secrets unlockable.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill a total of 2500 enemiesVyse the Battle Lord
Defeat and report all bounties.Vyse the Bounty King
Have all 22 crew membersVyse the Charismatic
Have all discoveries and have 90% treasure chests discoveredVyse the Exploration King
Have 1,000,000 Gold +, Enhanced Kitchen, Floor Heater, Air Purifier, Yafutoman Alcove, Soundproofing, Chandelier, and Wooden Doll.Vyse the Extravagant
Catch 1000 fish.Vyse the Fisher King
Have all discoveries, treasure chests, bounties, and beaten all Piastol battles.Vyse the Legend
Kill all 4 giant mosters, plus 12 non-story Valuan Ships or Black Pirates.Vyse the Sky Battle King

Contributed By: OmegaX.

Unlock the three secrets!

In order to unlock the three secrets in this game you need to meet ALL of the following requirements:
-Over 2500 kills
-All crew members found
-Over 12 non-storyline ship battles, including the 4 extra ''monster battles''
-All bounties defeated and reported
-All discoveries found and reported
-90% or higher treasure discovery
After this you can find the Gold Hamachou above the tunnel which connects mid-ocean to the sailor's island area, you can buy the Sky Fang from the mystery merchant, and you can go fight Air Pirate Vigoro at Crescent Island.

(Note: many of these stats can be checked at Hamachou Island.)

Contributed By: Zaloopa.

Easter Eggs

Hidden FMV

After you beat Alfonso's war beast and go to the surface area of Pirate Island, Aika will go home to freshen up. When you are alone, look around until you come up to a wall of a house with a handkerchief hung up. Investigate with the ''A'' button and wait.

Contributed By: Turbo Speed.

Remove Vyse's goggle

During battle, press right, right, left, left, up, down, up, down, right, left in order to remove Vyse's goggle for the duration of the battle.

Contributed By: Cuckooguy.


Another Secret Swashbuckler Boost

To get another Swashbuckler boost that's not part of the storyline, talk to Lindsi (the little girl wearing a dress) on Pirate Isle just before you leave to go to Valua to rescue everyone. When given the choice, choose the top option.

Contributed By: rpgmaster99.

Avoid Random Battles

When your ship gets the upgrade that lets it fly in the high and low altitudes in the later half of the game, you can fly in those altitudes to avoid random battles with monsters on your ship deck. Keep in mind if you're aiming to get the three secrets you're probably going to have to make up for all the battles you skipped eventually.

Contributed By: LanceGC263.

Avoid Zivilyn Bane Fights

Clear the Dungeon to be able to go back and get the item Zivilyn Bane was after without the fight. Useful when trying to get money without battling.

Contributed By: Huff N Puff 20.

Secret Swashbuckler Boost

To get a Swashbuckler boost that's not part of the storyline, talk to Alan (the kid with a green hat and green pants) on Pirate Isle right after you get Fina and are allowed to go "topside". When he asks if he can ever be an Air Pirate, choose the top option.

Note: You have to talk to him before you play hide-and-seek with them or leave for Shrine Island.

Contributed By: rpgmaster99.