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Pac-Man World 2


Pac-Attack Godhand Mode

The original Godhand cheat from the Anthology version still works in this port. In 1-player mode, highlight "Veteran" and hold right before pressing A. When done correctly, you'll see "Godhand?" appear and start at level 900. With a fast drop speed and Pac-Man only appearing every tenth piece, your goal is to clear level 999

Right + A over "Veteran"Godhand mode

Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.


Ms. Pac-Man Mini Game

Collect 180 tokens to unlock the Ms. Pack-Man arcade game

Contributed By: Kuja The Destructor.

Unlock Pac-Atack

Collect 30 tokens and you'll be able to play a tetris style game called Pac-Atack

Contributed By: superkyle1991.

Unlock Pac-Man Arcade Game

Collect 10 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Man arcade game.

Contributed By: TheTriangleMan.

Unlock Pac-Mania in the Arcade

Collect 100 Tokens to play Pac-Mania (Pac-Man with better graphics,Jumping,Diffrent Mazes, and six Ghosts)

Contributed By: superkyle1991.

Unlock the Jukebox

To unlock the Jukebox in the Arcade, simply collect 60 tokens.

Contributed By: Willy Honka.

Unlock The Museum

Get 150 tokens to unlock the museum.

Contributed By: DeathStar2.