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Spider-Man: The Movie


Cheat Passwords

Enter these codes in the cheat menu in the special section:

ARACHNIDAll Levels, Gallery Art and Bowling
CHILLOUTHeat for flier will never go up.
ROMITASLevel Skip - Type in ''ROMITAS'' in the Cheats menu under Specials, and then pause during the game. A ''Next Level'' option will appear allowing you to skip to the next level.
REALHEROPlay as a Cop
SERUMPlay as a Lab Scientist
THUGSRUSPlay as a Thug
CAPTAINSTACEYPlay as Captain Stacey
KNUCKLESPlay as Knuckles the Thug
HERMANSCHULTZPlay as the Shocker
STICKYRICEPlay as Uncle Ben's Killer
FREAKOUTPlay in Goblin Suit
KOALAUnlock All Combo Controls
IMIARMASUnlock All Levels
HEADEXPLODYUnlock Pinhead Bowling Code

Contributed By: sonic2, DBZ Geek, FatCat1999, treefr0gz, Majin Slu, and hand of g0d.



Follow the methods listed below to obtain the desired unlockable:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat 60 enemies in Basic Combat Trianing.Fight against Bonesaw
Complete the game on easy to unlock Peter Parker in the special menu.Peter Parker
Earn 10000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)Pinhead bowling mini-game
Finish Normal or higher difficulty to unlock the Alex Ross costume under Specials.Play as Alex Ross's Original Design for Spidey
Use the IMIARMAS code to unlock all levels. Second, start a new game on the superhero difficulty then quit. Next, go to special and choose the level select option. Select the last choice in the list to view the game ending.Play as Green Goblin
Get 84,000 PointsShocker Costume
Earn 20000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)Unlock unused Vulture CG scene
Acquire 30000 points in the main game.Unused Shocker CG scene
Complete the game on easy to unlock the Wrestler in the special menu.Wrestler

Contributed By: fuzzdork, Majin Slu, surferdude509, Neomaxim, Shin Pinoy, giga_bowser91, X9 Spectre, and XTheGamerX.

Easter Eggs

Game Developer Pictures

In the bowling training level look on the back wall. There should be pictures of the game developers.

Contributed By: giga_bowser91.

UFO Appearance

On the level ''The Razor's Edge'', defeat all the Razor bats. After you do this, go to one of the helicopter landing pads on one of the buildings. After a short while, a UFO will appear, use it's tractor beam (which does nothing), and then disappear. Perhaps this will be referenced in a future game with the appearance of the symbiotes? I doubt it, but it's still a nifty trick to show to your friends, or an excuse to pull out an already beaten, neglected game.

Contributed By: Spiderman 2099.


How to get through the laser wall without turning it off

In the level "escape from oscorp" swing to the right hall and into the room with the switch for the gun turrets. Instead of going back to the left hall to run off the laser wall stay in the same room and impact web the windows. They will break and you can go down without having to go through the pain of turning off the laser wall. From there continue normally. This also works with green goblin and shocker. With green goblin use any bomb or gun or the sharp things to break the windows. With shocker use L + Y to zap the windows and continue normally.

Contributed By: giga_bowser91.

No Robots searching the base

In the part where you have to wait for Dr. Rue to get the keycard for lab D in the level "chemical chaos". Stay on the roof near Lab D and when he comes shoot him with Impact webbing before he says...."there is an intruder, spread out and search". IF you shoot him before he will not say that and the robots will not be searching for you and also the alarm will not go off.

Contributed By: giga_bowser91.

Secret Web Combo

Okay, after you acquire the Adv. Impact Webbing combo, hold L +Y for 5 seconds then let go. Spidey should throw out a HUGE, bigger version than the normal impact webbing. This webbing is very strong and can kill anyone (or anything) very easily...

Contributed By: giga_bowser91.