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All-Star Baseball 2003


Cheat Codes

Enter the code for the desired cheat:

Hold L + RAlternate Uniforms
Press L at the controller selection screen to activate cheats that have been bought.Cheat menu
Press A during the credits to hear commentary about the person currently featured. <BR>Credit commentary
While looking at the credits press A to hear commentary about the developer who is currently on the screen.Hidden Commentary
Hit a homerun and on the way to third (after replay), press L or RTaunt opponents

Contributed By: Tee, Anonymous, and ProtoDude.


Easy Trivia Wins

When a question is presented, press B once and the game will ask you if you want to quit. press B again to continue the game. Now press A, and it will move you on to the next question.

Contributed By: Buckwheatz Revenge.