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Medal of Honor: Frontline


Cheat Codes

Pause the game and press B, L, B, R, Y, L, X, DownInvincibility
Pause the game and press B,B,R,L,Y,XShielding from Enemy Fire

Contributed By: eagle1296 and Reptile.


Cheat Passwords

Enter these passwords on the Enigma Machine:

BALLOWAXAll bonuses and medals
BOUNCEBouncy grenade
REFLECTORBullets don't cause damage (explosions still can!)
MADHATTEREnemies Wear Hats
HEADSUPHead Shots Mode - enemies can only be killed by headshots
HIDENSEEKInvisible enemies
FLAWLESSPerfectionist Mode - one hit deaths
SEAGULLSkip to the next level
SILVERSHOTSliver Bullet Mode - one shot kills
EAGLEUnlock Level 2 Mission 1
HAWKUnlock Level 3 Mission 1
PARROTUnlock Level 4 Mission 1
DOVEUnlock Level 5 Mission 1
TOUCANUnlock Level 6 Mission 1

Contributed By: Kodos86, gamemaster414, veritechpilot, War Weapon2, IAX, War Weapon, and CellsOfJENOVA.


Re-appearing Panzerschreck Squad

In third combat zone of Arnhem Knights, after clearing the area of ememies, walk around the mounted machine gun, up against the wall. If you are in the correct place and you turn around, the area will be repopulated with enemies, as though you had never entered.

Contributed By: generalworks.


EA LA Medal of Valor

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game with a gold medal in every mission to obtain the EA LA Medal of Valor.EA LA Medal of Valor

Contributed By: ItsJiv.