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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4


Hidden Created Skaters

Enter the following as your Created Skater's name...

Zac ZiG Drake
Matt Mcpherson
Mat Hoffman
Little Man
Marilena Rixfor
Lisa G Davies
Lindsey Hayes
Kevin Mulhall
John Rosser
Joe Favazza
Meek West
Mike Day
Todd Wahoske
Ted Barber
Stacey Ytuarte
Stacey D
Rick Thorne
Pete Day
Nolan Nelson
Mike Ward
Mike Lashever
Jim Jagger
Jason Uyeda
Brian Jennings
Big Tex
Ben Scott Pye
Atiba Jefferson
Andy Marchal
Andrew Skates
Adam Lippman
Aaron Skillman
Captain Liberty
Chauwa Steel
Henry Ji
Gary Jesdanun
Dave Stohl
Chris Peacock
#$%@!Skater becomes available

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


Password Cheats

Select ''Cheat Codes'' in the Options Menu on the title screen and enter the following:

POP-CORNAll movies
MAXMEOUTAll of the cheats (cheat menu)
Watch_Me_XplodeAll the characters, cheats, and movies in the game
g0ldenAlways Special (the 0 is a zero)
mrandersenMatrix Mode
giantstepsMoon Physics
2wheelinPerfect Manual
belikegeoffPerfect Rail
(o)(o)Unlock Daisy

Contributed By: Millenian Warrior, ddrandgamefreak, The True Sage, StarWarsGamer555555, and I N F E R N O.


Unlock Pro Skating Videos

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all Kona goals (amateur and pro).Kona Old School video
Beat the game using Andrew ReynoldsVideo of Andrew Reynolds skating
Beat the game using Bam MargeraVideo of Bam Margera skating
Beat the game using Bob BurnquistVideo of Bob Burnquist skating
Beat the game using Bucky LasekVideo of Bucky Lasek skating
Beat the game using Chad MuskaVideo of Chad Muska skating
Beat the game using Elissa SteamerVideo of Elissa Steamer skating
Beat the game using Eric KostonVideo of Eric Koston skating
Beat the game using Geoff RowleyVideo of Geoff Rowley skating
Beat the game using Jamie ThomasVideo of Jamie Thomas skating
Beat the game using Kareem CampbellVideo of Kareem Campbell skating
Beat the game using Rodney MullenVideo of Rodney Mullen skating
Beat the game using Rune GlifbergVideo of Rune Glifberg skating
Beat the game using Steve CaballeroVideo of Steve Caballero skating
Beat the game using Tony HawkVideo of Tony Hawk skating

Contributed By: Mike Truitt and King 0f Red Lions.


Earn cash in the game to buy these unlockables.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn $50 for each new boardBoards
Earn $100,000/Beat Everything in the Game to be able to buy this super hot chick with a banana...board.Daisy aka Jenna Jameson
Earn $9000 dollars in career mode for this hardcore rocker!Eddie, Mascot of Band Iron Maiden
Earn $1000 dollars for each of them in Career Mode.Extra Cheats
Earn $9000 dollars in career mode for the father of Boba Fett.Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter Extordinaire
Earn $9000 dollars in career mode for this Jackass starMike Vallely, Skating Tough Guy
Beat the Create-A-Skater's Pro ChallengePro Bails
Complete A Pro Skater's Pro ChallengePro Skater FMV

Contributed By: RedFalcon.

Easter Eggs

Steve Caballero's Guitar in credits

To do this, go to either Career Mode, Single Session, or Free Skate, on the skater selection screen, Highlight Steve Caballero but DON'T go to A level, instead, go to the credits and look on the ground of the generic skaters and you see Steve Caballero's guitar on the ground.

Contributed By: killmenow12.