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Burnout 2: Point of Impact



Follow the methods listed below to unlock the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Pursuit 2 to unlock the Classic Car.Classic Car
Complete all races and circuits with Medals to unlock Custom Championship mode.Custom Championship Mode
Complete the custom series qualifier to unlock this vehicle.Custom Compact Car
Get all gold medals at Split Second Grand PrixCustom Coupe
Complete Pursuit 6 to unlock this car.Custom Muscle Car
Complete Pursuit 5 to unlock this truck.Custom Pickup Truck
Win all Gold Medals in the Point of Impact Grand Prix.Custom Roadster
Complete the Speed Streak Grand Prix with all Gold Medals.Custom Sports Car
Complete Pursuit 5 to unlock the Custom SUV.Custom SUV
Beat every Offensive Driving Test with a Gold Medal to unlock the Driver's Ed car.Driver's Ed Car
Unlock and complete all 3 Face Offs in Championship Mode.Face Off Mode
To unlock the Freerun Option, complete all of the stages in the Custom Series Championship. This mode allows you to races without any traffic.Freerun
Beat the Ganster car in Pursuit 3 to unlock it.Gangster Car
Beat the Hot Rod car in Face Off 1 to unlock it.Hot Rod Car
Get all 79 Gold MedalsInfinite Boost
Complete all the Grand Prix Championships to unlock Invulnerability.Invulnerabilty
Beat the Japanese Muscle Car in Face Off 3 to unlock it.Japanese Muscle Car
Finish Pursuit 1 to unlock the Police Car.Police Car
unlock and complete all three Pursuit stages in Championship ModePursuit
complete all Crash Mode levels with a Gold Medal. This mode has no goals and doesn't allow you to use the brakesRunaway
Finish Face Off 2 to unlcok the Stock Car.Stock Car
Complete Face Off 4 to unlock this car.Super Car

Contributed By: Enzan, cooldude345, and surferdude509.