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Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast



Type specific code in the cheat screen to achieve the effect

SCOOTERUnlock Unlimited Force
FLICKYUnlocks All FMV Sequences
PEEPSUnlocks All Hidden Characters
DINGOUnlocks All Levels
DEMOUnlocks Alzoc III
BISCUITUnlocks Infinite Ammo
BUBBLEUnlocks Invincibility in Jedi Arena
CHERRYUnlocks The First 6 Levels
FUDGEUnlocks the Lightsaber

Contributed By: Jeroen Stolp, jedisjumphigh11, gameprsn, Hotchik22, madcowPSA, and AshTR.



To unlock just complete each specific method

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Yavin FinalAlzoc 3 and Duel Temple Map
Beat Bespin StreetsBespin Officer
Beat NS StreetsChiss
Beat Carin AssemblyConcept Art
Beat Yavin CourtyardDesann
Beat Artus DetentionDuel Pit (Duel Mode)
Beat Doom SheildsGalak Fyarr
Beat Carin ReactorImperial Labs:Raven
Beat Artus MineImperial Worker
Beat Yavin TempleJedi Trainer and Nar Shaddaa and the Streets FFA Map
Beat NS StarpadLando
Beat Carin BayLuke
Beat Artus TopsidePrisoner
Beat NS HideoutReelo
Beat Carin DockShadow Trooper
Beat Yavin SwampSwamp Trooper
Beat Bespin PlatformTavion
Beat Doom DetentionTie Pilot
Beat Bespin UndercityUgnaught

Contributed By: albino ferret.


Instant enemy KO

To easily destroy an enemy jedi, make sure you have Level 3 force grip and jump. Grip the enemy, and jump as high as possible. When at the apex of the jump, look up, and then let go of the enemy, and they will fall to the ground with an instant KO.

Contributed By: RogueLoser123.