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All Suits and Chibi-Gear

These are how to get all suits and Chibi-Gear

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Purchase from the shop for 2150 M after first contacting the aliens.Alien Ear Chip
Purchase from the shop for 860 M after buying the Chibi-Blaster.Charge Chip
Buy in shop for 1110 MoolahChibi-Blaster
Buy in shop for 1120 Moolah after giving Mrs. Sanderson some clothes for the pajamas.Chibi-Radar
Talk to Drake Redcrest in the Living Room at nightDrake Redcrest Suit
Purchase from the shop for 940 M after passing out once.Extra Battery
Squirt water on the frog in the backyard.Frog Suit
Use Trauma Suit's poseGhost Suit
Purchase from the shop for 2740 M after members of the Free Rangers leave the troop.Hot Rod
On the kitchen counter during the dayMug
Give Mrs. Sanderson old clothes after she stays in her room.Pajamas
Purchase from the shop for 1120 M after buying the Chibi-Blaster.Range Chip
Purchase from the shop for 2980 M after members of the Free Rangers leave the troop.Space Scrambler
Use Ladder Utilibot in kitchen to get to the shelfSpoon
Under Jenny's TV in Jenny's RoomSquirter
Activate Giga-RoboSuper-Chibi-Robo suit
Complete the first four Free Ranger trainings and start the fifth.Tao Suit
Under the couch i8n the Living RoomToothbrush
Die onceTrauma Suit

Contributed By: pokemega32 and Llamaman2.


Reach certain Chibi-rankings to get extra battery power.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach Rank 100,000100 Battery
Reach Rank 10,000120 Battery
Reach Rank 1,000140 Battery
Reach Rank 100160 Battery
Reach Rank 10180 Battery
Reach Rank 9200 Battery
Reach Rank 8230 Battery
Reach Rank 7260 Battery
Reach Rank 6290 Battery
Reach Rank 5320 Battery
Reach Rank 4360 Battery
Reach Rank 3420 Battery
Reach Rank 2500 Battery
Reach Rank 1Unlimited Battery

Contributed By: Llamaman2.

Easy Trauma and Ghost suit.

To easily obtain the Trauma and Ghost suit for free:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Exit the Chibi House and equip the Trauma suit. Pose with "Z", then wait a few seconds and you will wake up in the Chibi House with the ghost suit on.Ghost suit
Simply let Chibi Robo run out of energy. When you come to in the Chibi House, you will be wearing the trauma suit.Trauma suit

Contributed By: DS_FREEK.

Unlockable Stickers

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Give the bird everything he asks for.Bluebird Sticker
Help the Capt. find his ship, crew, and treasure, then bid him farewell.Captain Plankbeard Sticker
Visit all the Chibi-Doors in the house.Chibi-Door Sticker
Help Mr. Sanderson make burgers.Cooking Sticker
Find all the blocks, then complete the block layout.Dinah
Help Drake complete the double blizzard attack.Drake Redcrest Sticker
Complete all Free Ranger missions, then save Memphis.Free Rangers Sticker
Give Jenny all 10 Frog Rings.Frog Ring Sticker
Water Freida, get the guy frog, then perform the rain ritual.Frog Sticker
Find all the blocks, then complete the block layout.Funky Phil
Revive Giga-Robo and complete the story.Giga-Robo Sticker
Play a game of chicken with the Free Ranger and get a S ranking.Hot Rod Sticker
Find Kid Eggplant.Kid Eggplant
Help the couple come together.Mort & Princess Sticker
Use the radar to find Mr. Prongs, then dig him out.Mr. Prongs Sticker
Find Primopuel, give it to Dad, then play with it.Primopuel
Destry Queen SpydorQueen Spydor Sticker
Deliver Sophie's love letter to Drake.Sophie Sticker
Race against the Free Rangers with the space scrambler and get a S ranking.Space Scrambler Sticker
Grow the Legendary Nectar Flower and give the nectar to Sunshine.Sunshine
Find Tamagotchi, give it to dad, then play with it.Tamagotchi
Sit on the doorstop and listen to Telly Vision 8 times.Telly Vision Sticker
During the night after reviving Giga-Robo, give him the snorkle and goggles.The Great Peekoe Sticker
Build all the the UtilibotsUtilibot Sticker

Contributed By: Llamaman2.

Easter Eggs

Mic Compatability

If you plug in a Nintendo Gamecube Mic and talk into it, Chibi-Robo will look at the screen. If you talk loud enough, you'll startle him and he'll fall down.

Contributed By: lilwilddude928.