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Kirby: Air Ride


Air Ride Music and Sound Tests

In order to unlock different music for a different song, you must complete certain objectives.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish in under 02:55:00 in Time Attack.Alt. BEANSTALK PARK
Ride both bridge railings in one race.Alt. CELESTIAL VALLEY
Use the spin panels 7 times or more and finish 1st.Alt. CHECKER KNIGHTS
Finish in under 01:00:00 in Time Attack.Alt. FANTASY MEADOW
Finish 2 laps in under 01:56:00.Alt. FROZEN HILLSIDE
Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one time.Alt. MACHINE PASSAGE
Finish in under 03:20:00 in Time Attack.Alt. MAGMA FLOW
Race over 300 laps.Alt. NEBULA BELT
Open the trapdoor exactly 3 times and finish 1st.Alt. SKY SANDS
Finish 1 lap on the Winged Star in under 00:58:00 in Free Run.Sound Test: BEANSTALK PARK
Finish 1 lap in under 00:57:00 in Free Run.Sound Test: CELESTIAL VALLEY
Finish 2 laps in under 02:40:00.Sound Test: CHECKER KNIGHTS
Finish 1 lap in under 00:21:00 in Free Run.Sound Test: FANTASY MEADOW
Finish 1 lap in under 00:58:00 in Free Run.Sound Test: FROZEN HILLSIDE
Finish in under 03:10:00 in Time Attack.Sound Test: MACHINE PASSAGE
Race over 4,800 feet in under 2 minutes.Sound Test: MAGMA FLOWS
Make your lap time's last two digits the same number.Sound Test: Results Screen
In Time Attack, finish Sky Sands in under 03:10:00.Sound Test: SKY SANDS

Contributed By: CI254, All is Fair in Love and War, and SuperFroakie64.

Bonus from City Trial

Do the following code to receive the corresponding bonus.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Grab a total of over 500 items in City TrialBonus: Pause Screen Power-Ups

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

Extra Rules in Top Ride

Do the following codes to unlock the corresponding rules.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Water in under 00:56:00 in Time Attack.Extra Rule: Attack Item Set
Enter the waterfall at least 5 times and finish in 1st in Water.Extra Rule: Device Quantify
In Top Ride race one lap without bumping into a wall and finish 1st.Extra Rule: Mystery Item Set
Finish one lap in Water in under 00:10:50 in Free Run.Extra Rule: Side Camera Angle

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

MetaKnight in City Trial

Accomplish this task in City Trial to get MetaKnight in Free Run ONLY!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Destroy a accumalative total of 1,000 boxes!MetaKnight in City Trial Free Run

Contributed By: Chaos Luigi.

New Items in Top Ride

Do the following codes to receive the corresponding items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get over 18 different itemsChickie
Finish in 1st place on every course without using any itemsLantern
Get at least 500 itemsWho? Paint

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

New modes in stadium

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 10 KO's in Destrution Derby 2Destruction Derby 3
Get 5 KO's in Destruction Derby 3Destruction Derby 4
Get 10 KO's in Destruction Derby 4Destruction Derby 5
Kill over 75 enemies in Kirby Melee 1Kirby Melee 2

Contributed By: Marth9.

Play as Meta-Knight and King Dedede

Unlocking Meta-Knight and King Dedede in Air Ride mode does not make them available in City Trial mode. They must be earned separately in each mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 1000 enemiesKing Dedede in Air Ride
Fight King Dedede in event stage 24King Dedede in City Trial
Spend thirty minutes total in the airMeta-Knight

Contributed By: Joon.

Sound Tests from City Trial

Do the following actions in City Trial Mode to receive the corresponding Sound Tests.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Stay airborne for longer than 30 seconds in Air GliderSound Test: Air Glider
Drive a total of 30 minutes in Free RunSound Test: City Trial
Break at least 500 boxesSound Test: Dense Fog
Finish Drag Race 4 in under 00:19:00Sound Test: Drag Race
Damage Dyna BladeSound Test: Dyna Blade Intro
Have Meteor Alert 3 timesSound Test: Flying Meteor
Break the pillar at least 5 timesSound Test: Huge Pillar
Grab a total of over 100 itemsSound Test: Item Bounce
Defeat at least 40 enemies in Kirby Melee 2Sound Test: Kirby Melee
Switch Air Ride Machines 10 or more times in Free RunSound Test: Legendary Air Ride Machine
Finish Drag Race 1 in 00:20:00 or lessSound Test: Rowdy Charge Tank
Destroy a Slick Star with a Formula Star in City TrialSound Test: Station Fire
Take over 8 items from Tac by yourselfSound Test: Tac Challange
Stay airborne for more than 15 seconds in Target FlightSound Test: Target Flight
Get stomped on by Dyna Blade when it appears.Sound Test: The Exalted Dyna Blade
Destroy a Warpstar with a Swerve Star in City TrialSound Test: The Lighthouse Lights
Defeat at least 30 enemies in Kirby Melee 2 in one matchSound Test: What's in the Box?

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

Unlock a New Stadium

Do the following code to receive the corresponding Stadium.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play in at least 10 different StadiumsSingle Race 9: Nebula Belt

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

Unlock Air Machines in Air Ride Mode

In order to unlock other machines in Air Ride mode, you must complete certain objectives:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish CELESTIAL VALLEY in under 03:20:00 in TIME ATTACKBulk Star
Time Attack, finish Frozen Hillside in under 03:14:00Formula Star
Race over 4,500ft under 02:00:00 in Machine PassageJet Star
Defeat over 100 enemies using the exhaled starRex Wheelie
Free Fun, finish 1 lap in Machine Passage in under 01:05:00Rocket Star
Defeat 10 or more enemies using the quick spinShadow Star
Air Ride: Checker Knights: Finish 2 laps in under 3:05:00!Slick Star
Air Ride: Sky Sands: Finish 2 laps in under 2:05:00!Swerve Star
Use all the volcano rails and in finish 1st placeTurbo Star
In any mode other than Free Run, reach the goal a total of 3 times!Wagon Star
Race all of the standard Air Ride courses!Wheelie Bike
Air Ride: Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to win!Wheelie Scooter
Air Ride: Finish in 1st place while flying through the air!Winged Star

Contributed By: Mariomeister, All is Fair in Love and War, CI254, and spongeabc5.

Unlock Alternative City Music

Do the following code to receive the corresponding Music.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Grab at least 1000 items in the CityAlt. Music: City

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

Unlock Dragoon Machine in Free Run

Assemble all three parts of the Dragoon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Jump over 1000 feet in High JumpDragoon Part A.
During 1 City Trial match, fly through 5 rings in the skyDragoon Part B.
Fly over 1300 feet in Air GliderDragoon Part C.

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War.

Unlock Hydra Machine

Complete these City Trial goals to unlock Hydra for free run.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Destroy all the grey houses on the beach in one gameHydra part X
Destroy 150 rivals total in Desruction DerbyHydra part Y
Destroy 1,500 enemies total in Kirby MeleeHydra part Z

Contributed By: Kopaka88.

Unlock New Characters and a New Stage

UnlockableHow to Unlock
On Sky Sands with the Bulk Star, get a lap time under 1'05"00Brown Kirby in Air Ride
Use the Wing Star and finish Drag Race 2 in under 00'29"00Brown Kirby in City Trial
On any race, inhale three Swordknights and finish in first placeGreen Kirby in Air Ride
Defeat an enemy ten times total with the cannonGreen Kirby in City Trial
Break 1000 boxes totalMeta-knight in City Trial
On Beanstalk Park, finish a two-lap race in under 2'18"00Purple Kirby in Air Ride
Break an enemy's vehicle five times totalPurple Kirby in City Trial
On Celestial Valley, finish a two-lap race in under 2'20"00White Kirby in Air Ride
Assemble both the Dragon and Hydra vehicles in one matchWhite Kirby in City Trial

Contributed By: Joon.

Unlockables (Top Ride)

These are the unlockables given by completing the red squares on the checklist. Keep in mind that Kirby colors are unlocked individually for each mode, so if you unlock a Kirby in Top Ride, you will still need to unlock it in Air Ride or City Trial before you can use it in those respective modes. Challenges involving not using items cannot be completed while using the 'Zero Items' rule.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish 1st on SKY with CPUs set to level 5Brown Kirby
Finish WATER in 00:56:00 in Time AttackExtra Rule: Attack Item Set
Take 1st on WATER and enter the falls 5 times or moreExtra Rule: Device Quantity
Take 1st place on all coursesExtra Rule: Diagonal Camera Angle
Race one lap without hitting a wall and finish 1stExtra Rule: Mystery Item Set
Cross the goal 20 or more timesGreen Kirby
Finish 1st while holding the Fire itemMusic: Fire
Finish 1st and hit 5 or more Dash PanelsMusic: Grass
Finish LIGHT in 00:33:00 in Time AttackMusic: Light
Take 1st place on METAL without using BoostMusic: Metal
Finish SAND on 00:29:00 in Time AttackMusic: Sand
Do one lap on SKY in under 00:09:00 in Free RunMusic: Sky
Finish 1st on WATER 5 seconds faster than #2Music: Water
Get over 18 different types of itemsNew Item: Chickie
Finish 1st on all courses using no itemsNew Item: Lantern
Collect 500 items or moreNew Item: Who? Paint
Compete in more than 50 multiplayer races in Top RidePurple Kirby
Take 1st place on FIRE 10 times or moreSound Test: Fire
Take 1st place on GRASS without using itemsSound Test: Grass
Race more than 100 laps on LIGHT in Top RideSound Test: Light
Take 1st on METAL and break 5 or more gear wallsSound Test: Metal
Do one lap on LIGHT in under 00:07:50Sound Test: Results Screen
Take 1st place on SAND without using BoostSound Test: Sand
Take 1st on SKY and hit the Isle Knob 5 or more timesSound Test: Sky
Finish 5 laps on WATER in under 01:02:00Sound Test: Water
Finish 1st on METAL 5 seconds faster than #2White Kirby

Contributed By: All is Fair in Love and War, Wolf4knowledge, and spongeabc5.

Watch Special Movies

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Check off 100 checkboxes in Air RideAir Ride ending
Check off 100 checkboxes in City TrialCity Trial ending
Glide for over an hour in Air RideSpecial Machines movie
Check off 100 checkboxes in Top RideTop Ride ending (Ending Credits)

Contributed By: Kopaka88.


Easy Stats

In City Trial, when the UFO comes, it may seem like it is just there for show, but there are stats on it. Hop into the Volcano and it will fly you to the platform in the sky. When the UFO is below the platform, go on it and get all the stats.

Contributed By: Zelos92.

Extra Easy Stats

In City Trial, there is a star that if you hit, a lot of stats come out. The Star is in the air so you'll need a flying machine to do this. Go on the teleporter that brings you up to the building. Then fly onto the top of that two layered yellow thing that is facing the star. Then fly into the star, and stats will fly out.

Note:You can only do this once every City Trial Run.

Contributed By: Zelos92.

Special stat boost(city trial)

Every once in a while when you are doing the city trail mode, a special icon will appear, and it will be worth one of everything. This is confirmed to happen on the 5th time you play.

Contributed By: Nadnerb.