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Sonic Heroes


Metal 2-Player Characters

Hold A+Y after you select a level in 2-Player ModeThe characters you chose will become metal versions of them!

Contributed By: Platinum Sonic 10.


CG Theater

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Last Story in story modeLast Cinema
Complete Team Chaotix in story modeTeam Chaotix Cinema
Complete Team Dark in story modeTeam Dark Cinema
Complete Team Rose in story modeTeam Rose Cinema
Complete Team Sonic in story modeTeam Sonic Cinema

Contributed By: Platinum Sonic 10 and timpkmn89.

Theme Songs

You can unlock a team's theme song by beating their story mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete "Team Rose" in Story ModeFollow me
Unlocked at startSonic Heroes
Complete "Team Chaotix" in Story ModeTeam Chatoix
Complete "Team Dark" in Story ModeThis Machine
Complete "Team Sonic" in Story ModeWe Can
Beat Last StoryWhat I'm Made Of...

Contributed By: Ryanbomber and neoeddy001.

Unlock 2P modes

Getting emblems in 1P Story or Challenge mode unlocks 2P modes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 80 emblems2P Bobsled Race
Collect 120 emblems2P Expert Race
Collect 100 emblems2P Quick Race
Collect 60 emblems2P Ring Race
Collect 40 emblems2P Special Stage
Collect 20 emblems2P Team Battle

Contributed By: FluffyDuck.

Unlock Game Modes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game with all four teams and all Chaos Emeralds.Last Story
Complete the game with all Emblems and A rankings to unlock Super Hard Mode.Unlock Super Hard Mode

Contributed By: Mr Potter and CAHowell.

Easter Eggs

Extended Bullet Station

Get to the end of the stage with Team Rose. Get on the rail as Cream, and at the rail's high point, jump off and fly towards the triple-rail above/ahead of the ring. (Cream must have advanced to level 3 in order to do this correctly.) You can now play this stage for a while longer as Team Rose.

Contributed By: ItIsAPsyBorg.

Extended Casino Park

Get to the goal ring with Team Rose. Use your team blast to increase your speed. Go on the "railing" on the platform you are on and try to fly to the other side. You can now play the extended version of Casino Park but you will not be able to go to the VIP room.

Contributed By: Lawyer Chaos.

Extended Frog Forest

Go to Frog Forest with Team Rose. When you reach the goal ring, let the frog close to it make the rain fall. This will cause a vine close to the goal ring to grow. Use Team Blast to to increase your speed. Then switch to fly formation and grind on the vine as fast as you can, jump at the end of the vine and try to fly to the other side. Now you can play the extended version of Frog Forest.

Contributed By: Lawyer Chaos.