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Rogue Ops


Ultimate Agent Codes

Enter from the pause screen...

Right(x3), Left, Right, Left, Right, Left(x3)Big Feet
X(x4), Y(x3)Big Gun
Left, Right (x2), Left, X, Y, R button, L button, X, T, Left, RightExplosive Crossbow
R button, L button, Right(x2), Left(x2), Right(x2), L button, R button, X, YExplosive Sniper
X(x2), Y(x2), Left(x2), Right(x2), Y(x2), X(x2)Half Damage
B, B, Y, Y, Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y, B, BHalf Damage
R button, X, R button, Y, R button, Left, R button, Right, R button, L button (x2), X, L button, Y, L button, Left, L button, Right, XLevel Skip
Right(x2), Left (x2), R button(x2), L button(x2), Y(x2), X(x2)Missle Crossbow
X, Left, Right, R button, L button, Right, X, L button,(x2), R button, Left(x2)Missle Sniper
Left, Right(x2), Left, X, Y(x2), XNo Bullet Damage
Y, Left, Right(x2), Left, Y, R button, L button, Y, X, XOne Hit Kill
Left(x3), Right, Left, Right, Left, Right(x3)Skeleton
X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, Left, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, XUnlimited Ammo
Left, Right (x2), Left (x2), Right (x2), Left (x2), Right, (x2), Left, X(x2)Unlimited Life
Left (x2), Right (x2), L button (x2), R button (x2), X (x2), Y(x2)Unlimited Spy Cam
Y (x2), X (x2), Left, Right (x2), Left, R button, L button, R buttonUnlimited TOC

Contributed By: Frowdo and Starky27.