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Gotcha Force


Unlockable Neo G-Reds

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After completing play 8, replay itBlack Neo G-Red
After unlocking the silver Neo G-Red, replay play 5Clear Neo G-Red
After unlocking the black Neo G-Red, replay play 7Gold Neo G-Red
after unlocking the gold Neo G-Red, replay play 6Silver Neo G-Red

Contributed By: sapphirecat.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game four times to get the blue G RedAlternate Color G Red
Beat the game 4 timesBlue G-Red
Beat the game 5 timesCrystal G-Red
Beat the Game 7 TimesGold G Red
Beat the Game a third timeOriginal Color G-Red
Beat the Game 8 TimesShadow G Red
Beat the Game 9 TimesShadow Neo G Red
Beat the game 6 timesSilver G-Red
Complete the game onceSolo Battle
Complete the game twiceSpecial Option (Battle Replay)

Contributed By: Starky27, Bluntz, HM Master, Chronoshock, and MechaKIng.