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NHL 2004


EA Development Team

Input the following name sin the Create-A-Player screen to set the player's appearance and attributes to their real-life counterparts.

Rory Armes
Dean Richards
Pin Tang
Dave Warfield

Contributed By: aduckie.


Alien Ant Farm

Enter one of the following names as your player name to play as a member of the band Alien Ant Farm:

Terence Corso
Mike Cosgrove
Dryden Mitchell
Tye Zamora

Contributed By: gsgreg.

Make and Improve Old Players

Go to the Create a Player Screen.

Enter the Players Name and you will get a message, hit yes and you can keep them the same or edit them. Here are some good players to do this with.

Dany HeatlyEdit Dany Heatly
Joe SakicEdit Joe Sakic
Joe ThorntonEdit Joe Thornton
Markus NaslundEdit Markus Naslund
Martin BrodeurEdit Martin Brodeur
Ryan SmithEdit Ryan Smith
Simon GagneEdit Simon Gagne
Todd BertuzziEdit Todd Bertuzzi

Contributed By: TripleJump.

Play As Members of GOB

Enter the following character name under the create a character screen to be able to play as a member of GOB.

Craig Would
Gob Stomper
Gabe Metal
Theo Gobzinakis
Tom Whacker
Pat Wolfman

Contributed By: TripleJump.