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Push Button Codes

Pause the game and then select options then select audio. Enter the code in the audio menu. A sound will confirm that they are correct.

L(x2),R(x2),Y,X,Y200,000 Klokkies
R,L,R,L,Y(x2),X(x2),R,XFull Health
R(x2),L(x2),Y(x2),XInfinite Electric Bombs

Contributed By: Sephirothdadarkangel.


Alternate Ending

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 100 Crystal Gems from all over the 10 levels.Alternate Ending

Contributed By: WishingTikal.

Unlock Hard mode.

You must complete the game in normal difficulty collecting all 100 crystals on each level. When done, hold L+R on the title screen and press Z to unlock hard mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game in Normal 100% then hold L+R and press Z on the title screen.Hard mode

Contributed By: mazzamatt93.


Skip credits

After beating the game, hold R during the credits to make them roll down faster.

Contributed By: WishingTikal.