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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance



After you complete the game once and start a new file, some characters will have bands. These bands increase some stat growths to the characters who equip them. You can only equip one band per character. The characters that carry each band and the stat growth bonus of each one is:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Shinon carries it.Archer band (+5% SPD, +5% SKL)
Muarim carries it.Demi band (perm transform, laguz only)
Boyd carries it.Fighter band (+5% HP, +5% STR)
Gatrie carries it.Knight band (+5% STR, +5% DEF)
Defeat the boss in Chapter 7.Mage band (+10% MAG)
Oscar carries it.Paladin band (+5% HP, +5% SPD)
Marcia carries it.Pegasus band (+5% LUCK, +5% RES)
Rhys carries it.Priest band (+5% LUCK, +5% RES)
Defeat the boss in Chapter 8.Soldier band (+5% HP, +5% DEF)
Mia carries it.Sword band (+5% SKL, +5% LUCK)
Defeat the boss in Chapter 3.Thief band (+5% SPD, +5% SKL)
Jill carries it.Wyvern band (+5% STR, +5% DEF)

Contributed By: Lord_Kratos90 and Astreiya.

Display Bonus EXP

After beating the game on any difficulty setting, go to the options menu upon starting a new game, once again it doesnt matter which difficulty. At the very bottom it says "Bonus EXP Display" this means that after every map, before you save your cleared data for that particular map it will display an additional screen with a chart that adds up your gained B.Exp for that level. Not only is this a good way to see what you could have gotten but it tells you what they were worth.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game Once on Any DifficultyBonus EXP Display

Contributed By: hikaruangel124.

Fixed growth mode

Beat the game once on any difficulty. Then start a new game. As soon as you start one, you will be able to play Fixed growths mode, so your growths are fixed. That means that your growths will go up by a certain amount, not random like before.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once.Fixed growths mode

Contributed By: Marth9.

Getting illustrations

By beating the game, you can get some illustrations

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Connect GBA with The Sacred Stones game pakFE: The Sacred Stones illustrations
Connect GBA with the FE game pak in itFire Emblem illustrations
Connect GBA with Fuuin no Tsurugi game pakFire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi Illustrations (Japanese game only)
Complete the gameFire Emblem: Path of Radiance illustrations

Contributed By: quezacotl68 and ThunderMan.

Occult Scrolls

Occult Scrolls are items that grant characters certain skills depending on their class and ONLY to promoted units. For example: An Occult used on a General or Hallberbier will give you Luna and on a Sniper you'll get Deadeye. There are only 4 so be careful on who you use it on.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chapter 13: The top left chest on the Map.Occult Scroll 1
Chapter 16: Talk to Stefan on the INFO at Base if you recruited him.Occult Scroll 2
Chapter 21: Recruit Tauroneo or Steal it from him.Occult Scroll 3
Chapter 27: Beat the boss.Occult Scroll 4

Contributed By: ThunderMan.

Rotating character's sprites

When you press Y on any unit and bring up their status screen, you can rotate their sprite using the C-stick. This works on all types of units, even enemies. This can only be done after beating the game once on any difficulty.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once on any difficultyRotate character's sprite

Contributed By: Dr. Burger.

Sound Room and theater

The sound room holds the songs that you heard during the game and shows art work with each composition.

The theater shows all of the cinematics that you saw during the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Story modeSound Room
Complete Story modeTheater

Contributed By: quezacotl68.

Trial Maps

To play the Trial Maps, you must beat the game and then select the "Epilouge" File. You can use the characters at the level you left them at with the weapons they had after the Final Chapter (Endgame:Repatriation).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Story Mode on any difficultyMap 1- Hillside Battle
Clear Story Mode on Normal or DifficultMap 2-Lonely Isle
Clear Story Mode on DifficultMap 3-Strange Turn
Connect GBA with an English FE game insertedMap 4-Desperation
Connect GBA with the American Fire Emblem game insertedMap 5-Escape
Connect GBA with Sacred Stones insertedMap 6-Trapped

Contributed By: starindyford.

Unlock characters.

These characters can only be played on trial maps.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game fifteen timesAshanard
Beat the game ten timesBryce
Beat the game three timesOliver
Beat the game seven timesPetrine
Beat the game five timesShihiram

Contributed By: Cantius.

Unlockable Characters

Characters who join automatically will not be listed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Speak to her with IkeAstrid(13)
Read the Conversation before Chapter 20Calill(20)
Speak with Soren, Mist, Rolf, Tormod, or SotheDevdon(16)
Joins if Dark Knight is not killed in Chapter 27Ena(28)
Speak to him with AstridGatrie(13)
Must survive in chapter 24Geoffrey(25)
Speak with JillHaar(23)
Speak to her with IkeIlyana(8)
Let her speak to IkeJill(12)
Free him and speak to him in Chapter 10Kieran(11)
Read the conversation before Chapter 25Largo(25)
They will join if they survive in Chapter 9Lethe and Mordecai(10)
Speak to him with MarciaMakalov(14)
Speak to her with IkeMarcia(9)
Speak to her with IkeMia(7)
Joins if Dark Knight is killed in Chapter 27Nasir(28)
Free them and speak to them with Ike in Chapter 10Nephenee and Brom(11)
Read the Conversation before Chapter 18, Finish Chapter 17, the accept his help in Chapter 18Reyson(18)
Speak to him with Rolf, then kill him with Ike.Shinon(18)
Read the conversation before the ChapterSothe(12)
Move Lethe or Mordecai to the upper right area on the mapStefan(15)
Speak with IkeTauroneo(21)
Joins if you hire him at the start of Chapter 10Volke(10)
Speak to him with Lethe or MordecaiZihark(11)

Contributed By: Get_Backer, Typh, and sea.


Get Ashera Staff

The Ashera staff is a S level staff that heals all HP to all allied units. On the level with the priests, don't kill any and the priest will give you the staff.

Contributed By: Sessha99.

Get Stefan

Stefan is a secreat swordmaster. You can unlock him on Feral Frontier. To get Stefan you need to move Lethe or Mordacai to a square in the in the top-right corner. Starting from the top-right corner move 2 squares to the left and one down. If you move there Stefan will appear. If you move there with one of your two laguz he will join your party. If you move there with any Beorc than he will appear and give you his S-Level Sword called the Vague Katti. If you recruit him he comes with the sword.

Contributed By: Thinkaman.

How to obtain Rex Aura

In the final chapter a Bishop has Rex Aura equiped which you cannot obtain in the game, but these 4 steps will help you obtain this item.

1) Silence the Bishop
2) Wound the Bishop, until his HP is at least under half
3) The Bishop should use an Elixir to heal himself (if not, try weakening him further).
4) By now, he should have de-equipped the Rex Aura, so you can steal it with a Thief.

Contributed By: materialweapon.

Knight Ring

On level 19 you can get a secret item called the knight ring. To get do not kill the crows. First have one of the hawks talk to the crow king and then the crow will talk to reyson. After he talks to the hawks he will not attack your units. If you didn't kill any crows then he will give you a knight ring and then he will order the crows to retreat. If you did kill a crow he will Not give you the knight ring but the crows will still retreat. The knight ring is an equip item that gives a unit extra movement like a knight.

Contributed By: Thinkaman.